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Updated October 10, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

After a series of mini-alliances had formed on Survivor: Gabon, all of the contestants seemed to have a clear picture of where they stood when a surprise tribe switch-up sent Kota and Fang members to opposite camps. By the time the proverbial morning broke, Sugar spent some “comfort time” on Exile Island and Fang yet again headed to tribal council. In the vote, it was the former Kota member Jacquie Berg, a 25-year-old medical equipment sales rep from Santa Barbara, Calif., that was sent home. Here’s how the flip-flop went down:

Rank & File After another exchange in which Randy railed against GC, Ken and Crystal for consuming too much rice ration, a loosely unified Fang team met up with host Jeff Probst and saw that Kota got rid of Paloma during tribal council. But instead of reward, Jeff announced that the tribes had to rank each of their members in order of importance to the tribe, after which they all would stand on podiums to show ranking.

In the Fang tribe, they stood in order of most to least important: Matty, Dan, Randy, Crystal, Ken, GC, and Susie. “What the hell? I was very insulted,” Crystal said of ending up after Randy.

In Kota, the order went: Marcus, Ace, Bob, Charlie, Jacquie, Corinne, Sugar and Kelly. “It’s interesting being the last one,” Kelly said, obviously hiding some hurt and contempt.

The Switch Up Then, to audible groans Jeff announced that they were picking new tribes with Marcus and Matty as the respective captains of their old tribes, and the first pickers of the new teams. The first few picks seemed to go by strength as Marcus chose Dan from the Fang tribe and Matty chose Ace from Kota. Ken, now back on Fang, surprised everyone by picking last-ranked Kelly. But the absolute last person left was Sugar, who was sent by Jeff back to Exile Island.

Exile: Home Sweet Home Sugar said “comfort time!” when she reached Exile, having already found the hidden individual immunity idol last week. She joked that she’s “home sweet home,” in her “Sugar Shack,” where she rested in a hammock while eating fresh fruit. Thinking of her future, she said she longed to go to Fang when she returned so she could reunite with her benefactor, Ace.

Worst Performance Ever It was jai alai on the high seas! Sort of. Tribe members had to paddle in the water in round tubes and chase after a white ball, which they had to pass to each other with the paddle until a team could shoot the ball into the opposite goal. Maneuvering in the tubes proved tough, so the win would likely go to the nimble and strategic, which quickly pointed toward the new Kota team — and in particular the teamwork of Marcus and Randy. While Ace did all he could to rally Fang into action, Randy turned doubters into believers as he scored all three goals for Kota. Jeff then knocked Fang for one of the worst performances he had ever seen by a tribe in the history of the series.

Before Tribal Council After realizing just how ineffective Kelly was in the challenge, GC wanted to oust her now after he, Crystal and Ken originally wanted to bring her into their alliance. But then the original Fang threesome started speculating that if Sugar has the idol, she could use it to share it with Ace and Jacquie and they wanted to prevent that. Matty, torn between his Fang alliance and his respect for Jacquie, told Jacquie about them wanting to vote her out. Jacquie then tried to convince anyone who would listen that she wanted to stay in the game and would definitely align with them and not Ace.

Elimination At tribal council, when Jeff asked GC how it feels for Fang to be back at elimination, GC answered, “I like seeing you Jeff, but I don’t like seeing you under these circumstances.” Kelly and Crystal had a minor tiff about who did worse in the challenge but it didn’t seem to have an impact on the vote. Ace voted against Kelly as a revenge for the last tribal council but that didn’t impact it either. The tribe had decided to oust Jacquie, and she became the fourth person eliminated fro Survivor: Gabon. — Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Should Fang have picked inert Kelly instead of Jacquie? Or were they right to suspect that Jacquie would have aligned with Sugar and Ace later on in the game?Monty Brinton/CBS