Jack Quaid Gets Surprise Message from His Childhood Crush Vanna White: 'I Am Flattered,' She Says

On The Drew Barrymore Show, Jack Quaid said his family is "going to be very, very surprised" that his childhood crush Vanna White made a special video message for him

It's not every day you get acknowledged by your celebrity crush — but Jack Quaid is one of the lucky ones!

During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on Friday, Quaid opened up about the crush he had on Vanna White when he was a child.

"I kind of barely remember this but apparently, my very first celebrity crush was Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune," the Scream actor, 29, said. "Apparently, like, any time Wheel of Fortune was on in our house, I would come sprinting into the room and go up to the TV."

The son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan added, "I don't know if they were my first words, but some of my first words were 'Vanna White.' I was so enamored with her for some reason back then. I mean, she's amazing, of course. But yeah, that was my first."

Little did The Boys star know that host Drew Barrymore had a major "surprise" in store for him: a special message from White, herself.

As White's video message to him played, Quaid freaked out saying: "Oh, my God!"

"Hey, Jack. It's Vanna! I heard about your childhood crush and quite honestly, I am flattered," said White, 64. "Even though we haven't met, maybe we could meet one day just to say hello."

Jack Quaid, Vanna White
The Drew Barrymore Show/YouTube

Blowing a kiss his way, White added, "So until then, mwah!"

Quaid was shocked and told Barrymore, 46, that he will now have "a lot to talk about" with his famous family.

"They're going to be very, very surprised that this happened," he said before thanking the host. "Oh, my God. Thank you! You made dreams come true today, thank you!"

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White has been dating her boyfriend John Donaldson since 2012.

"We've been together for eight years and it seems to be working so we're both happy, so in my eyes I feel — in both of our eyes — we feel married," she told Closer in 2019. "So I don't think you necessarily have to have a piece of paper unless you want to. Everybody's different, so for each his own."

At the time, White added, "We're faced with a lot of positives and negatives, and we have to accept them and do whatever we can to get through it. It's like if you break an arm — it takes time, but it does heal. Life is not perfect — just try to make the best of it. Be strong, be kind to people, and be happy."

Quaid, who was most recently been linked to actress Lizzy McGroder, is starring in the fifth Scream installment, which comes after the 2015 death of franchise director Wes Craven.

"It's very evident how much they're trying to honor Wes in this movie," Quaid recently told Men's Health of the film. "They're trying to make a movie he would be proud of. And there was a lot of reverence towards him on that set."

The star added, "We weren't just making a movie to cash in on a franchise; we wanted to make sure this is a movie that he would enjoy, and that he would be proud of."

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