J.K. Simmons to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Hint: He really knows how to jazz up a place

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Live from New York, it’s J.K. Simmons!

After 20 years as a character actor in films like Juno and on shows like Oz, Simmons is finally hitting it big with the critically acclaimed Whiplash, which just earned him a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Next up, PEOPLE has learned exclusively that he’ll be taking on the hilarious and challenging world of Saturday Night Live, hosting the Jan. 31 show.

In Whiplash, Simmons plays a troubled and deeply troubling jazz instructor.

“I got to go to Cannes for the first time,” Simmons recently told IndieWire of his movie’s debut, which garnered standing ovations and rave reviews. “I mean it really was crazy.”

If he thinks that’s crazy, wait until he sees what sketches the kooky SNL cast has in store for him.

As for the night’s musical guest, D’Angelo and his band The Vanguard will take the stage. The singer recently ended his 14-year hiatus with the new album Black Messiah.

Simmons’s episode of Saturday Night Live will air Jan. 31 at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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