It's 'So You Think You Can Dance' Romance!

Photo: Patrick Liotta/Meet The Famous

It must have been written in the So You Think You Can Dance stars!

PEOPLE has learned that two of last season’s favorite dancers, who are currently on tour, Janette Manrara, the sexy salsa dancer from Miami, and Jason Glover, lyrical and contemporary wonder from Fresno, Calif., are an item.

“Yes, they are definitely together,” a source close to the tour confirms.

And if there were sparks back in the studio, things actually started heating up for the couple, who were both eliminated on the 100th episode of the show back in July, during Los Angeles tour rehearsals.

“It was obvious that they were into each other,” adds the source. “During any down time between numbers, they always would be together, holding hands and acting like a couple.”

The source goes on to say that the relationship has since blossomed as the two “only got closer over the course of the tour … It’s nice to see two such amazing so happy together.”

Fans can get a closer look at the new couple, along with the rest of season 5’s top 10 — Ade, Brandon, Evan, Jeanine, Kayla, Kupono, Melissa and Randi — on the So You Think You Can Dance Tour, which goes through Nov. 21, making stops in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Ore., and more. –Jed DrebenPatrick Liotta/Meet The Famous

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