Kelsey McNeal/ABC
April 15, 2008 12:00 AM

Did you ever think Latin night on Dancing with the Stars could be like a warm glass of milk before bedtime? While Kristi & Mark once again roared to the top of the leader board–29–with a ‘Yamalicious’ rumba and Jason & Edyta following close behind at 27 with their sultry rumba, Latin fever seemed sorely lacking in the ballroom.

Aside from Kristi and Jason, the other movers and shakers of the night were Mario & Karina (looking like a yellow Peep), who samba’d their way to a 27. Maybe Stevie Wonder gave Poopie (um, Karina’s nickname for the singer) just the advice he needed to swivel his way to his best performance yet. Equally entertaining, Marissa & Tony, whose samba had more bounce in the ounce, according to Len. Whatever that means, the duo did an energetic bump and grind like it was Friday night at Villa.

But those performances didn’t make us forget the painfully slooow rumba Priscilla & Louis performed that seemed to literally stretch on and on and on…Or expose Marlee‘s missteps in her quick-moving samba routine. And we don’t even know where to begin with Cristian. He’s Latin. He’s hot. Did we mention he’s Latin? Yet his rumba wasn’t so caliente.

So tell us: Did you think Latin night brought the sizzle or did it fizzle? And which couple is the most vulnerable going into tonight’s elimination: Priscilla & Louis, Marlee & Fabian or Shannon & Derek?

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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