October 17, 2007 12:00 AM

First of all, we’re not the only ones missing Drew Lachey, right? Far be it from us to suggest the Dancing with the Stars producers leave a new mom–returning co-host Samantha Harris–unemployed. But teasing us with a Drew Lachey/Cheryl Burke dance number just reminded us of how much we’re missing him as Tom Bergeron‘s co-host. Might we suggest a tri-host scenario?

And one more bit of nitpicking before we get to the results… we nominate tonight’s episode as the most filler-packed results show of any reality series ever. Interviews with random celebs on the importance of partnerships, an encore performance by poor hip injury-suffering Cameron Mathison, that surreal Wade Robson performance and, apologies audience members, but some pretty lame fan commentary.

In fact, possibly the least insightful DWTS statement of all-time: The audience member who said, “If aren’t voting for you, you’re going to go home.” So that’s how this crazy competition works! Oh yeah, and about those results (hey, that is why we tuned in, after all!), boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and Spice Girl Melanie Brown were in the bottom two, and after 61 minutes(!) of the TV equivalent of Styrofoam packing peanuts and kitty litter commercials, Mayweather was kicked to the curb.

The good news: We have to agree with those critics and viewers who’ve called this season’s line-up of celeb talent the most exciting in the show’s history, meaning the competition is really down to the cream of the crop at this point.

And more excitement for next week: Jennifer Lopez is the guest on next week’s results show, which, barring one of those super billowy outfits she’s been sporting lately, means we might finally get proof that she is indeed carrying a mini J. Lo in the oven.

Drew and Cheryl’s surprise performance, watching Floyd getting voted off–tell us what was your favorite moment from last night’s show?–Kimberly Potts


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