By People Staff
Updated August 14, 2009 12:00 AM

The halfway point of BB 11 is also the season’s turning point. Jeff blossomed into America’s Golden Boy. Russell lived to implode another day. Lydia and Kevin are still at odds over Kevin’s decision not to use the POV. And Jessie, for the second season in a row, has had to pack up his protein shakes and sleeveless shirts to take his naps back to his parent’s basement.

What’s it all mean? Forty days and 40 nights into this round of Big Brother, things have gone biblical. In a move that can only be described as “epic,” Jeff flipped this game on it’s head, stood up at the eviction ceremony and revealed himself as the holder of the Coup D’etat. He also bizarrely invoked Bruce Willis in the original Die Hard movie when he said to his stunned housemates, “Welcome to the party!”

With Chima‘s reign as HOH an afterthought (along with her single-minded vision of a BB house free of Russell), Jeff made his bold play. Lydia was taken off the block, replaced by Natalie, and then Russell was saved with his spot on the eviction hot-seat filled by Jessie.

Jeff may not be a linguist, or a spelling-bee champ in the making, but the Chicago boy lived up to his word. Last week, he confessed to his confidante Jordan that “more than anything” he wanted to see Natalie on the block with Jessie. Well, with the Coup D’etat, dreams, even simple dreams, do come true.

In an episode less about game-play and more about scraping the house guests’ jaws off the floor, Jeff put the strongest alliance up on the block against one another, and said, matter-of-factly, “I’ve got the power…So, feel the pain a little bit, enjoy.” If you didn’t know he was such a sweet guy, you would swear he was a cold-blooded, contract BB killer. For a guy that spent fourteen hours a day sleeping, and splitting the other ten hours between admiring himself and annoying others, it was a bit shocking to see the fact that tears were wept as Jessie made his way out the BB door. It won’t come as a shock to see either Natalie, or Lydia, gunning for Jeff in the near future.

But life moves fast inside the house, and the memory of Jessie’s ouster faded faster than his photo on the wall. Michele, the wild card with a soft spot for the burgeoning X chromosome sisterhood, took the HOH from Chima, but at this point, the collective BB heads were still spinning. Moments after Michele took the HOH, the houseguests stood in the lawn as a group of individuals. There was no interaction, just confusion, and distrust. Just as BB wants it.

Tell us: What do you think about Jessie going home? Who will Michele put up for eviction now that she’s HOH? — Reagan Alexander