By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 04:16 PM
Credit: Sonja Flemmimg/CBS

As a bartender, Annie Whittington has most definitely seen happier hours. Based solely on guilt by association, the 27-year-old was put on the Big Brother eviction block as a replacement pick by the Brigade, who wanted only to find a way to break up the power showmance that had formed in Brandon and Rachel.

Little did the Brigade know that by back-dooring Annie, they had put the Saboteur up for eviction as well.

To her credit, Annie played hard – maybe too hard – and by the end of the day, the mischievous BB operative was left with one final task, gathering her bags and facing Julie Chen as the first house guest evicted. Taking her seat next to Chen, Annie was quick to point out the error of her terrorizing ways.

“I truly do believe that the reason I am here is that I tried to play twice the game in half the time,” she said. “I played a little too hard, and put a target on my back.”

Apparently, playing “twice the game” means being twice the thorn in everyone’s side, as Annie lashed out at the entire house after she was put on the block. She needed to cajole her way into getting six votes to stay inside the house, but her campaign started off with a temper tantrum that lead to a pity party that only served to unite the house against her.

All the while, Annie the Saboteur had the tools of BB at her disposal, including a house that distrusted an early showmance, a Saboteur tape that cast more suspicion on Brendon and a Brigade alliance that wanted nothing more than to get rid of Rachel. At one point, she seemed to have the entire house turned to her favor, with Annie dropping a patio bomb that Brendon was lying about his occupation and wrapping up the evening by saying, “I would kiss anyone’s ass to stay here … People could be working sweet deals.”

Meanwhile, Brendon and Rachel were engaged in an early celebration in the cabana room when the swim coach started to shed crocodile tears. “Brendon and I are in the middle of making out,” Rachel said in the diary room, “and he wants to talk about Annie! Really?” In his defense, all Brendon really wanted was a hug … the question is, who did he want the hug from?

As Annie later revealed in her sit-down with Chen, “Brendon tried to flirt with me and I declined! Rachel should be really proud of herself, that she got my sloppy seconds.” Meanwhile, Annie’s eviction-block mate, Rachel, not only survived but thrived with the busty redhead winning the latest HOH competition. Judging by Rachel and Brendon’s predilection for under-the-covers plotting, it’s safe to say, “If the HOH room is a-rockin’, then don’t come a knockin’!” –Reagan Alexander