Dakota Johnson Joins ISIS for Controversial 'SNL' Spoof Ad (VIDEO)

The fake ad, which costars Taran Killam, got fans riled up on Twitter


Is it too soon to joke about ISIS?

That seems to be the recurring question on Saturday Night Live, which has been tentatively pushing jokes about the terrorist organization into the show every few weeks.

The last time was during the Chris Rock-hosted episode in November, which doubled down on “too soon”-ness with Rock’s jokes about 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing in his monologue.

And the show returned to the well Saturday with a pre-taped bit featuring host Dakota Johnson as a daughter having a touching farewell with her dad before she goes to join ISIS.

The spot is an obvious spoof on Toyota Camry’s “My Bold Dad” commercial from the Super Bowl, but it still riled up quiet the reaction on Twitter.

However, it’s worth noting that not everyone was offended by the spot. Taran Killam, who starred alongside Johnson in the sketch, took to Twitter to defend its content: “Proud of this,” he wrote. “Freedom to mock is our greatest weapon.”

Watch the original Toyota ad below.

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