Is This 'SYTYCD' 's Greatest Hip-Hop Routine Ever?

Once again, principal ballet dancer Alex Wong proved he’s got more than an arabesque and a jete in his repertoire when he performed a hip-hop duet with all star – and fan favorite – tWitch to Lil Jon‘s "Outta Your Mind" Wednesday on So You Think You Can Dance.

Well, the judges were outta their seats afterwards with Nigel Lythgoe saying it was the “most incredible” hip-hop routine ever and that he expected an Emmy nomination for the piece. Mia Michaels agreed and said Alex “defied everything about the ballet world” while Adam Shankman bowed, telling Alex that this was his world and everyone else was just visiting.

“I didn’t think I could do it,” Wong told PEOPLE after his performance. “I’m overwhelmed at the feedback. To even have okay feedback, which is what I was hoping for, but to get good feedback, that’s more than you can ever ask for.”

While tWitch has danced many times on the SYTYCD stage, he tells PEOPLE he was hoping for the chance to perform with Wong. “I’m extremely inspired and humbled by Alex,” he said. “What Alex has is the complete package. Alex has swag for days and he has ballet technique, which is rare.”

Still, the reigning hip-hop expert offered the ballet dancer some advice before the piece, which was choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo. “The only advice was to really, like the song said, ‘get outta your mind,’ ” tWitch said. “When he did that, you saw what happened. I’ve never seen a ballet dancer do hip-hop to that magnitude.”

Though Wong clearly stole the show, the remaining girls finally redeemed themselves after Michales urged them last week to “step it up.” Ashley Galvan danced a number that was praised by the judges and was called the “best contemporary female performance ever” by Shankman. Lauren Froderman pushed her limits in a Broadway piece, which was “a seduction and a half,” according to Lythgoe. And though tap dancer Melinda Sullivan felt “so great” about her salsa routine, Michaels and Shankman said they made the wrong decision in choosing her over salsa dancer Cristina Santana for elimination last week.

“I’m taking it day by day. This whole experience is about my journey and my relationship with all these amazing artists,” Sullivan said. “If I have to tap again tomorrow, I’m going to rip it.” –Mussarat Bata

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