By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 03:29 PM
Credit: Ray Tamarra/Getty

In the wake of an announcement by Bravo that one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be leaving the show for good, it’s looking more and more like that Housewife is Dina Manzo.

Manzo, an interior decorator and founder of the Project Ladybug charity, recently shared a scene with rival Danielle Staub on the show, saying, “I’m done with this.”

In another indicator, Manzo, 39, is booked for an interview on Monday night with Bravo’s Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, a talk show where the network’s reality stars often go to dish about recent on-air developments.

And while viewers have seen much less of Manzo this season, she’s also made it clear that she’s become increasingly uncomfortable with the attention – and the drama – that comes with being a Housewife.

“I don’t like drama. I’ve never had drama in my life. I grew up with a great family and very protected. So I’m not used to that,” she told PEOPLE at the start of season 2. “I never even had a fight with my girlfriends ever. It’s so not me to be confrontational. If I meet someone and they rub me the wrong way, I just don’t engage from there on in.”

In the first season, Manzo famously clashed with Staub, who accused her of revealing secrets of her embarrassing past. “I was pretty mortified,” Manzo said of the show’s explosive, table-flipping finale. “I was shaking. I don’t enjoy that at all.”

Manzo has also been the victim of threats since the show first aired. “I’m not pointing fingers but there definitely was some stuff that went on that was kind of freaky,” says Manzo, who received threatening notes and emails and had her mailbox vandalized. “I was spending all this money trying to get it traced and so I decided to put all the money into security instead and got cameras everywhere. I sound cool about it now only because it’s like Fort Knox at my house. Nobody’s getting anywhere.”

Despite the drama, Manzo said she has “no regrets” about appearing on Real Housewives. Not only has the exposure helped make Project Ladybug a national cancer charity, she feels a positive change in her life. “At the end of the day, I think it makes you a better person, more forgiving, more understanding,” she said. “But I don’t ever want to go back to that kind of situation again.”

If Manzo makes her exit on Monday’s show, it won’t come as a surprise for most readers, who overwhelmingly chose Dina as the Housewife they suspected would be leaving the show in a poll, with more than 55 percent saying she d likely had enough. –Charlotte Triggs