Credit: Rob Loud/Getty

The cast of Celebrity Apprentice gathered Thursday night at Tenjune, the popular club in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking district, to watch the boardroom action at a viewing party for the show. Marilu Henner, Omarosa, Tito Ortiz, Stephen Baldwin, Nely Gal n and Donald Trump himself (with wife Melania, son Donald Jr., and daughter Ivanka in tow) were all on hand.

After a champagne toast with executives from Kodak (who were featured on last-week’s episode of the show), Trump took a spot in the VIP section to watch the drama unfold. “This is a great scene!” he said, as Stephen Baldwin came into the boardroom to resign due to a conflict with tabloid editor Piers Morgan, who wasn’t at the party. Trump didn’t accept his resignation, and instead, moved him over to Empresario, the women’s team. Team leader Omarosa “respectfully” declined the switcheroo but, as Trump pointed out, he’s the boss and so Baldwin stayed.

Trump, about halfway through the show, walked over to the women of Empresario, who were all gathered in one spot — still very much a team — and said to them all, “Melania just asked me, ‘Do the women EVER win?'” The ladies responded with mock horror and laughter as Donald moved over to the men’s banquette, where Tito Ortiz was busy snuggling with girlfriend Jenna Jameson.

Maybe Melania would have done better at last night’s challenge, which had the teams creating live window displays for the Vera Wang by Serta mattress line. The women went with the obvious wedding night theme, which was well-executed and pleased Wang enough, but the men’s Hydra team decided to go with the “timeless” romance of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, which was more eye-catching and entertaining to the judges.

In the boardroom, Omarosa had to pick two teammates to return and face Trump and, after first choosing Baldwin (she changed her mind when Trump said he didn’t agree with her choice), she picked Nely and Marilu. Nely’s background as an Telemundo executive became a liability as the judges thought she should have been able to entertain more than she did and so she was fired.

Throughout the hour, the contestants and Trumps were all focused on the show (Trump even asked the club owner to turn up the volume at one point), intensely analyzing their decisions, the words they said, second-guessing the plans they made. And when Nely was fired, the whole room went “awww,” as she put her head down and thanked her friends for being supportive.

“The show’s great, isn’t it?” Trump said to PEOPLE. Judging by the applause in the room and the size of the press frenzy along the red carpet outside all night, the answer would be yes. Rob Loud/Getty