Impractical Jokers Star James Murray Marries Melyssa Davies — See the Stunning Photo

The wedding was officiated by fellow Impractical Jokers star Joe Gatto

James Murray and Melyssa Davies wedding
James Murray and Melyssa Davies wedding. Photo: Joe Papeo Photography/@irocktheshot

James Murray and Melyssa Davies are married, PEOPLE can exclusively announce.

The Impractical Jokers star, 44, wed his fiancée on Friday at the Lake House Inn in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in front of family and friends. In attendance, of course, were the rest of the Jokers: Sal Vulcano, Brian Quinn and Joe Gatto, who served as best man and also officiated the wedding.

The six months leading up to the big day were full of twists and turns, as the couple juggled their plans with ever-evolving COVID-19 restrictions.

"We had four different weddings being planned simultaneously, depending on how everything worked," Murray tells PEOPLE. "We had four different wedding lists and four different plans, and one version of it was just our bridal party in our backyard, at the most extreme."

"We ended up going with a compromised list, which was about a quarter of the original list that we had," he continues. "Honestly, it was a lot less stress having one quarter of the guest list. It's a lot less moving parts in that way. And thankfully we're both healthy, and our families are healthy, so it was kind a blessing in that way, having this time to live together and plan our lives together."

Adds Davies, "We moved in not too long before everything happened, and having both of us home, I think, really helped decide what we wanted and what we needed more of and less of. We got to spend a lot more time in the house — which I don't think would have been possible before all of this — and with our puppy. She got spoiled during all of this!"

James Murray and Melyssa Davies
James Murray (left) and Melyssa Davies. James Murray/Instagram

The venue, a large outdoor space located on Lake Nockamixon, felt like the perfect choice. It allowed the couple to hold their ceremony outside, overlooking the lake, and their cocktail hour on a sweeping balcony. The reception hall went without its removable doors and windows to allow for more airflow.

Both the bridal party and the bride and groom's immediate families stayed on the property, which offered separate houses for guests.

"It's a beautiful place. They did a great job with it," Murray says. "It's very cool that we get to be with our closest friends and family, without having the need for them to be staying in hotels nearby."

Masks were required, and mask and sanitizing stations were set up throughout the space. The couple also strategized smaller tables for guests, spreading people further apart and ensuring a certain amount of distance from the band.

"It's been interesting," Murray says. "But all that matters is that our closest friends and family were there, and all that matters to me, truly, is that this one person was there besides me, and that she said yes."

James Murray and Melyssa Davies
Melyssa Davies (left) and James Murray. Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Murray and Davies made sure to leave their special touch on the fun, light-hearted celebration — they even rented a bouncy house. For the centerpieces, they selected pieces of old-time luggage, which each came with a wooden photo album for guests.

"There's a picture of Melyssa and I on the cover and it says, 'Melyssa and James' upcoming honeymoon,'" Murray explains. "And when you flip open the album, it's 20 or 25 photos of us where we might go on our honeymoon for the next two weeks — but they're all photoshopped photos. There is one real photo of where we're actually going, but the rest of them are hysterical and funny, like us on the top of Mount Everest, us at a volcano, us kayaking down the Amazon. There's a whole storyline to the photo album."

"And inside each piece of luggage, there's a different antique wooden board game," Davies adds. "We're really big game people."

So where is the happy couple jetting off to for their honeymoon? They're taking a two-week trip to Soneva Jani, a five-star resort in the heart of the Maldives.

"You know, I never thought I would get married, I never thought I wanted to get married," Murray admits. "And I met Melyssa and it was instantly different. I knew I was going to marry her. And my whole life I've wanted to go to one place, and I had kind of resigned myself to knowing that I wouldn't go, because you wouldn't go to this place unless you were getting married."

"It's spectacularly beautiful, and I've wanted to go my whole life," he says. "I never thought I would, and when I met Melyssa, I was like, holy cow, I get to go to the place of my dreams."

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