The look-alike rooms will be on display at some IKEA stores in the Middle East

If you’ve ever coveted Monica and Rachel’s Friends apartment, now’s your chance to recreate it in your own home.

IKEA brought to life some of the most iconic living rooms from the beloved TV shows Friends, The Simpsons and Stranger Things, using only its own furniture pieces, in its latest ad campaign.

The United Arab Emirates-based campaign, titled the “real life series,” will be on display at some IKEA stores in the Middle East, as well as some versions of the catalog, according to Ad Week. The home goods store did all the work for its customers, compiling product lists for each room on its website.

There are some minor differences in the spaces, but the overall feel of each is there.

In the Friends look-alike apartment, the French “Jouets” framed print is replaced with a vintage car poster, and some of the decor like lamps, plants and pillows differ, but the result stays very close to the original.

The faux Simpsons room is also strikingly similar, maintaining a cartoon-like feel with a brightly-colored phone and side table. It remains faithful right down to the askew picture frame above the couch and sparse decorations.

Friendds, Ikea
Credit: Ikea
| Credit: NBC

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While the Stranger Things living room doesn’t have a demogorgon in sight, it gets other details spot on — right down to Will Buyer (Noah Schnapp)’s colored pencils. In the show, Will’s drawings are used to help locate the monster.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Stranger Things room without those Christmas lights. IKEA used colored string lights and even suggests paint and brushes for the painted-on alphabet.

| Credit: Ikea
The SImpsons
The Simpsons
| Credit: Fox

The campaign team, who used 3-D software in their designs, spent months sifting through IKEA’s extensive product offerings and find the perfect pieces for each room.

“The Ikea team worked closely with the creatives for months. They went through hundreds of items to find the perfect pieces that would bring those iconic rooms,” managing director for IKEA in the UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman Vinod Jayan told Ad Week. “It was a great collaborative effort that led up to a stunning result.

Ikea, Stranger Things
Credit: Ikea
Stranger Things
Winona Ryder in Stranger Things
| Credit: Netflix

Jayan added that the rooms are “a true testament of what IKEA represents: a place where everyone can bring whatever idea they see or have to life.”

The campaign describes The Simpsons room for “families,” the Friends room for “mates,” and the Stranger Things room for “everyone.”

You’ll just have to visit the Upside Down for the demogorgon.