iJustine Previews Zombie Reality Competition 'Fight of the Living Dead'

"I'm getting scared just thinking about it again," says Ezarik of being blindfolded, thrown into a body bag and battling zombies


Justine Ezarik rose to Internet fame thanks to her everyday charm as YouTube’s iJustine, but there is absolutely nothing mundane about her latest project, Fight of the Living Dead.

As the series’s title suggests, it’s a zombie show – but not just any zombie show.

Fight thrusts Ezarik and several other YouTubers – including Joey Graceffa, Strawburry17 (Meghan Camarena), Alphacat (Iman Crosson), PrankvsPrank (Jesse and Jeanna) and Olga Kay – into a simulated post-apocalyptic world where they battle an onslaught of the undead to find the cure that will save mankind.

In a clip exclusively obtained by PEOPLE, the stars encounter their first few minutes in lockdown with a parade of brain-hungry attackers.

Though Ezarik, 30, told PEOPLE she’s “always been game for pretty much anything,” she knew within minutes of beginning the competition – which featured more than 200 extras and zombie makeup overseen by Face Off vet Tommy Pietch – that she was in deeper than she anticipated.

“They told us to come really early, and we came tired and hungry and thirsty. And then we were blindfolded, put into a van and taken to a prison. My only strategy was to not be separated from Joey. I was holding onto him for dear life.”

As the clip shows, that strategy fell apart pretty quickly, and the viral sensation admits she even broke iJustine code and swore in the midst of her panic.

She continues, “I cannot express how crazy it is. What you watch the show, this is real. This is not fake. I was like, ‘I’m not going to be scared’ because I knew it was not real. But it felt like it was. Now I’m getting scared just thinking about it again.”

But there was one bright spot: “Eventually we did find some snacks. I was like, ‘Oh my God, there are some Cheetos in here. I am so excited about this!’ ”

Whether Ezarik and her fellow competitors got past the Cheetos and found the zombie antidote remains to be seen when Fight of the Living Dead premieres Sunday on CONtv.

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