Idol's Wild Cards Are Revealed & Three More Join the Top 12

Photo: F Micelotta/American Idol 2009/Getty(2)

Ryan moved things along swiftly last night, leaving the big reveal of the eight Wild Card singers for the end of the hour. Without much ado he started by informing Lil Rounds, 23, that she was now in the top 12.

“I’m not going to make you wait,” he said. There wouldn’t have been much point–her victory was pretty much a foregone conclusion.

What we ended up waiting for was the shock announcement at the end: Tatiana del Toro, 24, will be singing in the Wild Card show Thursday night. She almost collapsed onstage with excitement when Randy called her name. “We stayed up days and nights with this decision,” he said, adding that the judges were unanimous. Wouldn’t you have loved to be a cognitive brain cell inside one of the losing singers when Randy said that?

The other two performers who joined the final 12 from Tuesday’s group weren’t a surprise, either: Kendall Beard, 23, had seemed like a potential dark horse, but she lost out to worthy Scott MacIntyre, 23. (Randy seems very excited that Scott will be able to accompany himself on a piano as the show moves on.) “You’ve got a standing ovation here,” Ryan told him.

Then Jorge Nu ez, 20, joined Lil and Scott, and the judges announced their Wild Card selections:

Von Smith, 22–who only minutes earlier had been eliminated! Anoop Desai, 21 Jesse Langseth, 25 Jasmine Murray, 16 Matt Giraud, 23 Ricky Braddy, 26 Megan Joy Corkrey, 22 Tatiana! Tatiana! Tatiana!

Rather than asking the grandly emotive Tatiana to come back, I’d have given another opportunity to Jackie Tohn, 28 (who probably killed her chances by stomping around like Patti Smith), or even Kendall, the country cutie.

Anyway, of those eight I like these three best: Jasmine, Ricky and Megan. –Tom Gliatto

F Micelotta/American Idol 2009/Getty(2)

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