'Idol' 's Renaldo: A Vision in White

Season 7 of American Idol began in the City of Brotherly Love but the final audition on the second night — in Dallas — had more love for a brother than all the Philadelphia contestants combined.

Renaldo Lapuz, 44, walked into the judges chambers, dressed in white with a silver cape with two giant mums tacked to his shoulders. The Reno, Nev. native performed “an original composition” called “We’re Brothers Forever,” which he directed at judge Simon Cowell, much to the delight of Paula, Randy and host Ryan Seacrest.

The song was a booming, repetitive and bizarre serenade. But the judges let Renaldo sing and sing and sing. In fact, Randy and Paula joined in on the freak show. Abdul did a little mock sign language (or was it interpretive dance?) before fully busting a move, while Randy sang along and got Seacrest in on the act, who, by the way, didn’t need much coaxing.

In its seventh season, Idol is bound to attract attention seekers, the clueless and talentless dreamers and like Renaldo — or Tuesday night’s stalker — who just want a little face time with the judges. And viewers love it! (Let’s not forget Sanjaya Malakar and William Hung.) Even Simon, the object of Renaldo’s affection, said that “We’re Brothers Forever” might be a hit.

Still, others seem fed up with the shenanigans and wish Idol would focus on the hidden talent waiting in the wings. It is a singing competition after all.

Tell us: Is Renaldo Lapuz the next William Hung? Is his song a hit? Was his segment a fun or just annoying?

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