'Idol' 's Julie Dubela Embraces Her Precocious Side


Good news, Idol fans! Julie Dubela may have not made it through to Hollywood, but the 17-year-old hopeful now knows what the word “precocious” means.

“It means unusually advanced or mature in development — especially in mental development,” she said over the phone Thursday. “That’s right from Dictionary.com for you,” she continued, laughing.

It’s not that Dubela didn’t know what the word meant, she says now. “I just knew the word could be used in a good or bad context, and coming from Simon, I wasn’t sure. So me saying ‘What does it mean?’ was more like ‘What are you trying to say with that?'”

And while the judges said the former American Juniors contestant was too posed, dramatic and unanimously passed on sending her to Hollywood — dismissing her version of “Me and Bobby McGee” — Dubela says she still plans to move ahead with a career in music. And she’s embracing her precocious attitude as she works on pursuing it.

“Looking at it in a good light, I would say I am precocious,” she says. “I’m really serious about my career and that means I have to be mature.”

Well, good luck, Julie! — Brian Orloff

Tell us: Does Julie have what it takes to make it in the music business?

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