'Idol' 's Josiah Leming: Talented or Annoying?

He lives in his car, sings in a British accent, and goes “wherever the wind blows.” At 18, Josiah Leming, of Morristown, Tenn., was both impressive and perplexing to the Idol judges.

In Atlanta, he sang his own song — “To Run” — when he first auditioned. And although the judges were puzzled by his English accent, Paula, Randy and Simon unanimously sent him through to Hollywood.

There, Josiah performed “Grace Kelly” by British popster Mika. Paula could barely contain herself during his performance and told him, “You make smile; you make girls fall in love with you; you make guys think you’re cool.”

Simon flattered him, saying, “Out of all the auditions, this is the one I’m going to remember.”

In the next round, as the judges whittled the 164 remaining contestants down to 50, the singers were given three backup vocalists and the Idol band to prop them up. But Josiah decided he didn’t need the assistance and asked to take the stage alone to sing the song “Stand By Me.”

The judges were not impressed with his a cappella performance. “That to me was your worst performance,” Randy told him. “Do you want the band to come back?”

Answering the critiques, Josiah said, “It took a hell of a lot of guts,” to which Simon said, “Now you’re being a teensy, weensy bit annoying.”

And just as the tears began to flow on stage, Josiah was given the unanimous vote of confidence by the judges.

Tell us: Do you love Josiah or does he annoy you? Did he deserve to make it through? Will he make it to the top 24?

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