'Idol' 's David Hernandez: 'The Media Can Be Vicious'


David Hernandez doesn’t believe reports that he used to dance nude at a gay bar in Phoenix had anything to do with his elimination from American Idol.

“I actually believe that it was based on song selection. I think America’s smart enough to know by now that ‘s personal lives should not influence their musical career,” said Hernandez, whose rendition of “I Saw Her Standing There” got poor reviews from the Idol judges Tuesday night.

“I actually watched my performance back from Tuesday night and I was very happy with my stage presence,” said Hernandez, who spoke to reporters in a conference call. “I did a pretty good job of blocking it all out.”

Hernandez also said he had the support of fellow contestants who encouraged him not to go online or turn the TV when the reports about him were at their peak. “The media can be vicious sometimes,” he said.

In fact, any negative coverage of his past only made him stronger. “Adversity is my best friend,” Hernandez said. “It makes me work harder and I don’t have anything to say to the that try to bring me down or count me out.”

“In this industry you really have to have thick skin and know that are going to say bad things about you,” he added.

And Hernandez, who is currently shopping for a record deal and preparing to make the media rounds on shows like The Ellen DeGeneres and Today, expects to continue working in the industry — despite being the first contestant to get cut from the top 12.

“If this is the worst thing that comes out of my career then I’m pretty set to go.” –Alondra Hernandez

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