'Idol' 's Big Twist: What Is It?

Photo: Michael Becker/FOX

On Idol Tuesday, Simon Cowell promised a big surprise on Wednesday’s results show.

Viewers already know that two of the Top 13 contestants are up for elimination, so that’s not it. Of the twist, Cowell did say, “It involved us (the judges) so I’m not sure whether the public are going to like this, but we’ve decided to do something slightly different.”

The next morning, Ryan Seacrest offered an even more intriguing secret on his KISS-FM radion show.

“We’ve kind of changed the entire theme and concept of the show,” he said. “It deviates from the purity of the premise of American Idol.”

That sounds major! We want to know your ideas about what the big change could be.

Tell us: What’s Idol‘s big twist?

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Michael Becker/FOX

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