On the first night of voting for season 7 of American Idol, 12 men took the stage and sang songs of the ’60s, covering everything from Elvis Presley to The Doors. The biggest challenge was to make the song their own and to make it sound current. Most of the contestants heard neither scathing criticism nor resounding approval, but three performances did stand out and three singers heard their praises sung across the panel:

David Archuleta sang ” Shop Around” Randy said: “I’m a big fan. I thought that was really brilliant … You were just born with this gift.” Paula said: “I thought it was a very brave and bold song choice for you. We’ve never seen that side of you … You really did a great job.” Simon said: “When you got it, you got it … That was, by a comfortable mile, the best performance of the night so far.”

Jason Castro sang “What a Day for a Daydream” Randy said: “The whole guitar vibe and you strumming along and playing along with it, I love that.” Paula said: “You did blow me away … You picked a song that was absolutely perfect for you.” Simon said: “It was effortless. You have charisma. It was terrific.”

Michael Johns sang “Light My Fire” Randy said: “I loved you the day I saw you ’cause you just throw all caution to the wind, you’re always you, you sing great … You were the bomb tonight!” Paula said: “You did set everyone on fire … And you are a great part of the show.” Simon said: “You are the most consistent contestant we’ve had … You have the natural charisma of a lead singer. You’ve just got it.”

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