'Idol' Surprise: The Pilot Didn't Make It!

Some fans say they can tell if a contestant, in the initial rounds of the American Idol auditions, will make it to Hollywood based on their story and the camera time given to them by the show’s producers. Well, those were likely wrong when it came to Lindsey Goodman, a pilot who flies C-17 Globemaster transport planes for the U.S. Air Force.

Goodman, who auditioned in Charleston, S.C., certainly seemed to be the perfect candidate for a golden ticket. Here’s why:

She’s young (28) and attractive. And let’s face it, this definitely counts for something.

She wasn’t bad. Pretty good, in fact, even if she was nervous.

She a hero. Goodman flies to Iraq and Afghanistan, transporting “troops, tanks, helicopters, medical evacuations and patients. You name it.”

Her dad was a hero. “My dad was an Air Force pilot Vietnam and I just grew up around airplanes my whole life,” she said.

She’s following her dream. “I grew up wanting to do two things: fly and sing. So I got to check that box and now I’m getting to live out another one of my dreams.”

She’s stood up for herself (in a good way) to Simon, who couldn’t believe what she did for a living: “You’d be surprised. There are a lot of female pilots in Charleston that would put the pageant queens to shame.”

But for the judges, it all came down to her performance of “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles:

Randy said: “I liked it, had a couple of pitch things, pretty good. You got a voice.”

Paula said: “I’m concerned about your nerves. It held you back in your performance.”

Simon said: “You are a very good cabaret singer.”

In the end she surprisingly didn’t make it to Hollywood.

Tell us: Was Lindsey Goodman good enough to go to Hollywood? Or were the judges right? Were you fooled by the setup in her segment?erry Avenaim/Corbis

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