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Updated December 01, 2020 04:16 PM
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

Back in L.A. after their hometown visits last Friday, American Idol‘s three remaining contestants — Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze and Casey James — are buckling down for their last performances before the season’s big finale. Singing two songs each, the contestants were able to choose any tune they wished, while the judges picked their second selection — and PEOPLE was on hand to at the rehearsal to bring you a (spoiler free!) sneak peek of what you’ll see on Tuesday’s show. –Jessica Herndon

LEE DEWYZE: Singing a soft, harmonic staple chosen by Simon Cowell, Lee strummed his guitar while standing behind the mic stand in sneakers, a blue sweatshirt and red baseball cap. A chorus line of background singers surrounded the rocker on each side. DeWyze joked that he should be lifted by a harness to look like he’s flying. For his second song, he performed a sentimental rock classic that he sped up a bit. Changing the vocal arrangement slightly, DeWyze raised the bar by picking the perfect tune for his voice.

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX: Holding a guitar, and with a harmonica strapped to her neck, Crystal practiced with her signature mic stand, warming up a tune by a female artist she admires. She started the song with a few seconds of solo harmonica, then the band and backup singers came in strong. But Crystal delivered her second tune without her guitar or mic stand. Standing middle stage she successfully reached Janis Joplin-like territory with her strong, high, whiskey-soaked wail. She quickly shifted effortlessly into a smooth note that she held and held.

CASEY JAMES: In a bright blue shirt and holding his guitar, Casey was accompanied on stage by his amp. His upbeat tune started with vigor, kicking into a solid groove that will have on their feet and dancing. On his second song, a piano is wheeled on stage and placed on the left, while an additional guitar player sat on the right. James doesn’t change the arrangement of the song much, though it is paced slower than the original. After only two takes and a quick check to make sure he had the bridge correct, Casey looked like he was feeling confident.

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Michael Becker/FOX