March 30, 2010 12:00 AM

He had one of the best voices on this season’s American Idol, but Alex Lambert‘s shyness led to his early departure. His fans were shocked — and so began a campaign including a petition with 20,000 signatures strong in support of his return.

This Thursday the Texas shy guy will get another shot at stardom when he moves in to the If I Can Dream house. Created by Idol‘s Simon Fuller, If I Can Dream is a Web reality show documenting the story of six rising stars living together in the Hollywood Hills. The other residents include Miley Cyrus’s ex Justin Gaston, aspiring model Giglianne Braga, and actors Kara Killmer, Amanda Phillips, and Ben Elliott.

You can watch Lambert, 19, on If I Can Dream’s live streaming 24-7 along with five other up-and-comers as they tackle Hollywood. Weekly episodes will air on every Monday at midnight.

People’s Jessica Herndon caught up with Lambert to chat about Elvis, Lambert’s girlfriend, and (gasp!) cutting that mullet.

Are you really as shy as you came off on the show?I don’t think I’m too shy. At home I’m not really shy, it’s just that this whole experience is so new to me. Once I get more confident I don’t think I’ll be shy at all.

What tips did you get from the judges about improving your confidence on stage?Kara was telling me to just go out and get more experience. Go play some bar shows.

Are there any performers that you watch where you say, ‘Okay I really dig their stage presence?’Elvis! I wish I had the stage presence Elvis had. He worked the crowd like a beast. But Elvis was true. He did all the leg shaking and sliding.

Can you dance?No, I can’t dance. But I can swing dance. I was in swing dancing for like three years with my mom.

How will you decorate your room in the house?I’m gonna put Bob Marley, Elvis and Beatles posters up and a picture of my grandfather. People up who inspire me.

Are you single?No. I have a girlfriend. Her name is Raylee. She really understands me and believes in me. I’m kind broke so we never go out anywhere fancy, but usually I just jam out and she tells me what she likes and I usually write her a song every week and play it for her.

Do you keep in touch with Siohban? We text every once in a while. She was one of my best friends on the show. Everyone else was spastic and crazy and always wanted to do something, and me and Siohban would sit and eat for like three hours.

So, you cut your hair? I still have a mullet a little bit. It’s just hair. It’ll grow back.

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