By People Staff
April 12, 2010 12:00 AM

Alex Lambert may have been kicked off American Idol before he had a chance to warm up, but the Texas teen never planned on returning home without a fight.

Back in Hollywood and settling into the If I Can Dream house after fans campaigned for his return to Idol, Lambert remains determined to make his mark in the music industry.

In the first week as a cast member of the Web reality show, Lambert has already written a new tune called “I’ve Been Workin'” that he calls “pretty crunk.” On it, Lambert sings, “Baby why you changing and I stay the same/Baby why you staging, this ain’t no play,” to his girlfriend Raylee. But don’t sharpen those heels just yet, ladies — the 19-year-old says he’s still in love with his girlfriend who is back home in Texas.

But Lambert’s life is definitely changing. For starters he’s gone from sharing a one-bedroom apartment with his mom and three brothers to having his own room. “I like it, but I guess I sometimes get lonely,” he admits, adding that he has trouble sleeping.

Another adjustment? Living with women. “To be in a house with chicks who have big dreams is cool … especially if they’re gorgeous,” says Lambert of his female roommates, model Giglianne Braga, who he describes as “amazing,” and actresses Kara Killmer and Amanda Phillips.

As far as the guys in the house, Lambert connected with actor Ben Elliott immediately, but it took a minute to warm up to fellow musician Justin Gaston. “He distanced himself from me for a while,” says Lambert. But the two eventually bonded when they “jammed out,” he says. “I’m loving the house.”

Fans can watch Lambert and his roommates on If I Can Dream 24-7 by visiting –Jessica Herndon