'iCarly' 's Nathan Kress Shares How He Helps Advise 'Sibling' Miranda Cosgrove on Dating and More

"We have had to have conversations between takes from time to time, whether it's about relationships or just general things that she's doing in her life," Nathan Kress tells PEOPLE exclusively

Nathan Kress and Miranda Cosgrove
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Nathan Kress and Miranda Cosgrove are just as close off screen as their iCarly characters are on screen.

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE, Kress opens up about how he supports his cast mates' dating lives. Though Jerry Trainor "knows exactly what he wants" and "usually doesn't ask advice," Cosgrove tends to lean on him more.

"She can get herself into predicaments. And so, yes, we have had to have conversations between takes from time to time, whether it's about relationships or just general things that she's doing in her life, where we have to say, 'Are you sure?'" says Kress, 29. "It's a very, I would say, a sibling-type relationship."

He continues, "It's definitely not a father-daughter thing. We're very much people who just grew up together and know enough about each other and trust each other enough to value each other's opinion. So, yeah, it's definitely a little bit more between Miranda and I than myself and Jerry. However, Jerry and Miranda very much have, I would say, the older brother–younger sister relationship for sure."

Kress says that Cosgrove, 29, also seeks Trainor's guidance as well.

"Usually, his advice is just 'Dump him.' But to be fair, that doesn't fit every circumstance," the father of two says. "Sometimes there's room for conversation."

While Kress and Cosgrove have established a brother-sister dynamic, it's a bit more complicated for their iCarly characters.

Miranda Cosgrove

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Freddie Benson (Kress) and Carly Shay (Cosgrove) briefly dated on the OG series, airing on Nickelodeon from 2007 to 2012. But the romantic interest wasn't always reciprocated by Carly, for whom Freddie had a deep love throughout its five-season run.

In the Paramount+ revival, Freddie is a twice-divorced single parent who lives at home with his mother. His somewhat romantic bond with Carly has been hinted at on two occasions: when the two were asked to join a threesome in season 1 and when they pretended to be in a relationship in season 2.

According to Kress, there could be a chance for a "Creddie" reconciliation to be explored in the new series.

Nathan Kress
Bobby Quillard

"Teenage Creddie was never going to happen. That was a one-sided relationship where it was one person pining away after a person, and that's not healthy," he says. "The way that they interacted with each other was very immature and not long term material. But there's a difference between being a teenager and being in your late 20s."

He continues, "A lot of life has happened to them. And to me, it seems like their interaction is very different on this show. There's been a paradigm shift in how they relate to each other."

For Kress, it's important that a Creddie reconciliation is both fair and balanced. "I would just want to make sure that if it happens, it's approached in a very different, more healthy way where they're both on the same page with their feelings, and it's not such a one-way street," he adds.

New episodes of iCarly air Fridays on Paramount+.

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