'I Wanna Marry 'Harry'' 's Matt Hicks Calls Dating American Women an 'Eye Opener'

"It was quite a refreshing change," the faux Prince Harry tells PEOPLE in a video interview.

Photo: Daniel Smith/FOX

Matt Hicks was no stranger to the dating world, but going out with 12 American women tricked into believing he was Prince Harry proved a challenge – and not just for the reasons you would expect.

“That was my first foray into dating American women and it was quite an eye opener,” Hicks tells PEOPLE of posing as the royal redhead on FOX’s new reality dating show I Wanna Marry "Harry". “It was very different to my past experience dating English girls.”

While Hicks calls American women “extremely loud and forward,” he does not mean that in a bad way.

“It was quite a refreshing change,” he says. “English girls can be very hard work and reserved and you really have to put a lot of grind into it. … It was just a lot more exciting dating American girls.”

I Wanna Marry "Harry" premieres Tuesday night on FOX after the performance finale of American Idol.

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