Jenner and her transgender friends got away for a California vacation, on Sunday's episode

Credit: James White/E! Entertainment

It was an evening of tears and hugs and lessons learned – and a little bit of wine – on the third episode of E!’s I Am Cait.

The hour began and ended with the same question: Caitlyn Jenner wondering about her voice. Was it too low? And how did Candis Cayne get such a lovely voice? (Naturally, it turns out.) But what Jenner, 65, realized after a girls trip is that “my voice is the last thing to worry about. It’s the words that come out.”

But before she could speak up (Sunday’s episode referenced Jenner’s groundbreaking ESPYs award speech, still five weeks in the future at the time of filming), Jenner said she had to listen.

The episode was full of stories, as Jenner sought out the advice and experiences of her new friends in the transgender community – and of people like Blossom, a transgender woman Jenner met at the Human Rights Campaign, whose struggle to get into nursing school helped illuminate what Jenner’s friends had called her blind spot on this issue.

Blossom, a college student in Mississippi and HRC volunteer, was refused from her dream of attending nursing school again and again, despite, she said, great grades and work ethic. She said it was because she was a trans woman.

That was a lightbulb moment for Jenner, hearing from a woman who said she had not yet been able to win in a system rigged against her. Jenner told the camera afterward, “I’ve lived a great life, and I realize in this transition that I kind of have that privileged status.”

But Jenner also has “the biggest heart,” as friend Chandi Moore put it: After her meeting at the HRC, Jenner decided to have her show’s executive producer recut Blossom’s story and to give Ellen DeGeneres a call.

“I guarantee you, Ellen sees that story, she would have [Blossom] on,” Jenner promised with tears in her eyes. What’s more, she said Blossom would go to nursing school, and “we’re going to pay for it.”

Jenner and her transgender friends then headed away on a trip where they continued to bond (and, in one fun outing, went skating at a roller derby with Jenner rocking her first-ever ponytail).

Away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, in a gorgeous house with her friends, Jenner confided in Cayne and Moore that she felt for the moment “extraordinarily comfortable” being herself.

“And to be honest with you, it’s scary, because I’m already thinking: I don’t want to go back [to L.A.],” she said.

Before Jenner had to face the trip back home, she had to face something much more immediate: Would she slip into a swimsuit? But all the anxiety she felt in last week’s episode turned out to be for naught – opting for a white, one-shouldered one-piece, Jenner stepped outside, and then into the water, to join her friends.

“It did feel very freeing,” she told the camera. “Add I did see my reflection in the glass door. Looked pretty good.”

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As much as Jenner learned from her friends, she taught them all something, too, with a trip to Girlz MotoCamps, where she got them riding dirt bikes, some for the very first time.

Still, for all the outings, the episode was really about Jenner and her friends, sitting together and talking. At one such dinner, they discussed dating as trans women, and Jenner said she is still and has always been attracted to women.

But she admitted to some uncertainty, though, as she said, “I’ve got bigger things to worry about than an orgasm.”

At an afternoon wine tasting near the end of their trip, each woman spoke about a woman in their own life who had been a major influence. Jenner, tearing up again, pointed at the other people at the table.

In the previous month, she said, “I’ve probably learned more about me and about life than ever before in my entire life.”

She added with a small laugh, “The damn wine got to me!”

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