"That's where I've got to get, and that's gonna take time," Caitlyn Jenner says in the second episode of I Am Cait

Credit: James White for E!

She’s already a fashionista like her famous daughters, but there’s one piece of clothing Caitlyn Jenner isn’t quite ready to rock: a swimsuit.

In Sunday’s episode of I Am Cait, Jenner, 65, took her transgender friends on a road trip to San Francisco, staying in a secluded cabin tucked away in the woods – and away from prying paparazzi. When everyone else stripped down and hopped in the home’s hot tub with wine glasses in hand, Jenner stayed fully clothed and headed to bed.

Jennifer Finney Boylan – a prominent professor, author and GLAAD co-chair – asked Jenner if she’d gone swimming since transitioning from male to female.

“No. I’ve been in a bathing suit … but I haven’t been in the pool. It’s too damn cold right now,” she admitted. “To be honest with you, it will happen at some point. I’m in no rush.”

The reality star explained her hesitation in a video blog.

“I don’t think I’m ready for that. You have to realize, these girls transitioned years and years and years ago,” she said of the other women. “I just don’t know if I’m ready to expose myself like that.”

Earlier, the Olympic icon also addressed her close friendship with actress Candis Cayne.

“Candis is a beautiful woman,” she said. “But as far as dating in the future, I have absolutely no idea.”

Much of the episode focused on Jenner’s privileged position and the rare outpouring of support she received after coming out. She was shocked to learn how many young transgender people have to become sex workers to survive and how hard it can be to obtain hormone treatments or surgeries.

The final moments saw her in a tense discussion with people at San Francisco’s Human Rights Campaign office who questioned whether she should be the face of the transgender community. See how the visit ends when I Am Cait airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on E!