Kid 90 premieres on Hulu on March 12

Soleil Moon Frye is throwing it back!

On Tuesday, Hulu unveiled the first trailer for their upcoming documentary, Kid 90.

The feature will follow Frye, now 44, as a teenager in the 1990s, when she carried a video camera with her everywhere she went and documented a group of friends who had to balance childhood and fame while growing up in both Hollywood and New York City.

The actress, who also directed the documentary, is joined by lifelong friends and fellow child stars, including David Arquette, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Brian Austin Green, Heather McComb and more. The group provides commentary on growing up in the '90s and their lives in the spotlight.

Soleil Moon Frye
Soleil Moon
| Credit: Presley Ann/Getty

In the nearly 3-minute trailer, Frye first shares, "As a teenager, I carried a video camera with me, everywhere I went I documented my entire life."

"I carried that video camera everywhere and then locked it away for 20 years and I had never really looked back at it," she continues. "And a few years ago, I decided to unlock Pandora's box, and really it was meant to be about everyone but me, but it ended up becoming this really deeply personal coming-of-age story that really changed my life forever."

Soleil Moon Frye - kid 90
Credit: Amanda Demme

Flashing through glimpses of the Punky Brewster star and her various friends throughout the decade, the group detail the highs and lows of being in the public eye during such formative years of their lives.

"The most awkward period in your life, that's when we were in front of the cameras," Gosselaar, 46, adds in the trailer.

Soleil Moon Frye - kid 90
Credit: Courtesy of Soleil Moon Frye

But, as Fyre notes in the clip, sharing these special, throwback memories with one another helped the group of famous friends realize that they're more alike than they think.

"I didn't know what true self-love was until this process," Frye says at the end of the trailer.

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Appearing as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday evening, Frye opened up about the forthcoming documentary, telling host Jimmy Kimmel that turning 40 was a big reason why she decided to look back at the tapes.

"I turned 40 and I really was wondering if my life had happened how I thought it had," she said. "And what I realized is, I think on a subconscious level, there was so much joy and bliss — and also a lot of pain, I had lost some people that were very close to me — and so I don't think I wanted to deal with the pain or I wasn't ready to deal with it."

"And in uncovering Pandora's box, I discovered true self-love and self-awareness in a way that I never really understood," she added.

Kid 90 premieres on Hulu March 12.