Shaquille O'Neal Crams Into a Phone Booth with a Gazillion People While Playing a Game Against Hugh Jackman on 'The Tonight Show'

Shaq shares a phone booth with Alex Trebek, Megan Boone and more during a competitive Tonight Show segment

Photo: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/Getty

Shaquille O’Neal probably just wants to stick to using his cell phone from now on.

The 7’1″ former basketball MVP charmingly battled back claustrophobia as he was pitted against Hugh Jackman in a competitive game of Phone Booth on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday.

Phone Booth’s rules are simple: Step into your phone booth, answer it when it rings and try to correctly answer the trivia question Fallon delivers you. A right answer earns cheers and another person added to your opponent’s booth, while a wrong answer forces another person into your booth.

As you might imagine, the sight of O’Neal, 43, alone in a phone booth is funny enough – but the Gold Bond pitchman didn’t hang out solo for long.

After Jackman, 46, deftly answered his first question correctly – accurately declaring that Finland is indeed the country that invented the sauna – O’Neal was joined in his booth by none other than Jeopardy host Alex Trebek.

“You have to close the door?!” Trebek said as Fallon shut the two in together, leaving the Canadian native with no choice but to cuddle up to the towering star.

But the game-show host proved to be a helpful partner when Fallon posed his question to O’Neal – who logically answered his phone with the word “Shallo” – when asked to name the largest bone in the human body.

Trebek whispered “femur” and when O’Neal repeated the answer to Fallon, it was deemed correct, which forced a member of the Blue Man Group into the booth with the Pan star.

A couple rounds later and Jackman proved that he knows his trivia, which meant that O’Neal’s booth got pretty crazy crowded. By the end, O’Neal had The Blacklist‘s Megan Boone, the Property Brothers twins and even the Mets mascot vying for space in his overstuffed phone booth.

Not quite sure how everyone fit? Watch the video above – and be glad the days of searching for a comfortable phone booth are just about over.

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