Alfred Enoch longs for the U.K.'s "cold, wind, rain and dark."
Alfred Enoch
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Alfred Enoch is a Los Angeles transplant, but he can’t help but admit he misses his home country even on the city’s balmiest days. In fact, the British How to Get Away With Murder star actually longs for the damp chill of his native England.

“In L.A. – and this seems like a ridiculous thing to complain about – it’s always sunny,” Enoch told PEOPLE at the Paley Center’s Hollywood Tribute to African Americans in TV on Monday in Beverly Hills. “People love that, especially English people I meet here. They say, ‘We don’t have to deal with the weather, it’s sunshine every day.’ But I miss that!”

Enoch, who lives in California for work and returns home during filming breaks from the popular ABC series, says he “want[s] the seasons.”

“Right now I miss dark nights,” admits the former Harry Potter star, 26. “Cold, wind, rain and dark.”

There’s something else Enoch hasn’t yet learned to appreciate about the City of Angels: “Well you can’t snuggle in the heat it’s just too hot. You snuggle, and you are like, ‘Ugh, I am a bit sweaty now,’ and I have to turn the AC on.” He adds jokingly: “First-world problems.”

The actor, who plays Wes Gibbins on Murder and was previously known as Gryffindor’s own Dean Thomas, reveals he’s making a trip back to the U.K. in the near future.

“I am very much looking forward to going,” he says. “When you can finally get inside out of the cold and the rain, that’s how you can understand what a pub is about.”

Reporting by RAHA LEWIS

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