November 17, 2016 11:04 PM


“Who’s under the sheet?” has been central question of How to Get Away with Murder since the ABC drama’s season 3 premiere in August.

But on Thursday’s winter finale it was finally revealed which character was found dead in Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) home.

Spoiler alert: How to Get Away with Murder winter finale plot points revealed.

“I’m sad I won’t have scenes with these amazing people I’ve come to love and respect over the past three years, but I’m happy the show was willing to do something so drastic,” Alfred Enoch tells PEOPLE of his character, Wes, being revealed under the sheet.

Enoch, 27, and the rest of his cast had been told when they started filming the season that one of them would die, but the decision of who it was going to be was actually not made until the writers were working on episode 7.

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

“There was a lot of trepidation,” Enoch says of the work environment. “But I knew losing anyone was going to be really hard. Honestly, I would feel a lot worse if it wasn’t me.”

But even though Enoch’s character is dead, fans will still see Wes on the second half of the season – which starts Jan. 19 – as it is revealed what happened during the final hours of his life.

  • For more on what to expect on the second half of season 3, return to Friday for an interview with show creator Peter Nowalk

“It’s great to still be on set and seeing people and lunch and such, but I’m sad I don’t get to have scenes with these people I love,” he says.

Enoch says he’s in a strange position with never knowing when he’ll have a final scene with his costars.

“I have no idea whose path Wes is going to cross before his death. But when I find out I won’t have a scene with someone again, that will be sad,” he says. “I will miss them.”

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But while he still has no idea what’s in store for his character, he does know one thing he’s already done for a final time on the show.

“The other day I realized I would never be sitting in a court room watching Viola do her thing,” he says. “Those were really long days, but I’m feeling very nostalgic about them now. I have a feeling there will be a lot more nostalgia to come.”

How to Get Away with Murder will return Jan. 19.


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