By People Staff
Updated November 28, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC; Trae Patton/NBC

After falling below the yellow line, Allen and Liz were both on the Biggest Loser chopping block as their fates came down to a single vote. In the end, Amanda voted for Allen and the 44-year-old firefighter from Columbus, Indiana, was sent home. Allen Smith spoke to the press about temptation, portion control, and his plans for staying on track during Thanksgiving, the biggest food holiday of the year! … – Nina Tyler

Were you surprised with Amanda’s decision?I was a little surprised because, you know, Amanda is somewhat of a game player. I was thinking that she would want to look at going for the win, so I was just a little surprised.

You mentioned to Bob that you were strategically not winning all of the challenges, do you regret doing that now since you didn’t make it to the finale?No, I do not regret that at all. That was just something, you know, that I saw that towards the end that I was going to have to try to get that focus of the target off of my back and maybe get it on somebody else.

Now that you are at home, what goes through your mind when you work-out since you can’t see what the other competitors are doing? What’s going through my mind now is, man, that they have to be working really, really hard if they want to beat me. (laughs) So, I just envision them, you know working just as hard as they did at the gym and I said this several times on the Ranch: it was good for me to know or to see that someone was working hard because it motivated me to work harder and then of course they would see me working harder and each of us would just be pushing each other and in the end we would all definitely be better for that.

What unhealthy food still tempts you today? Cheese tempts me all the time. Cheese is my vice. Cheese is my chocolate. My wife is always on me. She’s like, “is that a low fat cheese?” I’m like “no.” She goes, “Then we don’t need it. We don’t need to bring it into the house.” So you know, she kind of keeps me in check as far as that goes. Cheese is always there haunting me and daunting me. I still eat cheese but I’ve gone to eating a lot more low fat cheeses and I definitely watch my portions.

How are you planning to navigate your way through Thanksgiving? Well, I’m on-call for the coroner’s office. I’m letting my deputies have the day off, so hopefully I’ll just be busy, sitting around just waiting for things. We do have some recipes that we’ve taken out of the new Simple Swaps Cookbook and we’re going to be making a small Thanksgiving meal at home. I shouldn’t say small. We’re having about twenty to twenty-five there, so it should be a nice quiet day and everyone knows that this is an alternative Thanksgiving meal and to come with an open-mind and give it a try and see if we can’t get the rest of some of the family on board to getting back to a healthy lifestyle.

What tips can you give fans of the show for how to tackle the Thanksgiving holidayThanksgiving is that one meal where you just go all out. I mean, you just eat and eat and then you rest and then you go back and you eat some more. What I would suggest to is that you still practice portion control. You know, just because we’re always talking about stuffing … we’re talking about stuffing the turkey and not stuffing ourselves, so that’s the thing that we need to keep in mind. You still want to stay on track and food does not always have to be the main thing around gatherings and celebrations. It can be just celebrating being together and just sitting down and maybe having a good conversation instead of going back and having that second and third plate of food or that second or third piece of dessert. Sit down and just have some good conversation and just talk about the things that you’re thankful for, things that you’re happy for, and why you actually came together. I’m sure families will find that it’s more than just coming together to eat. Chris Haston/NBC; Trae Patton/NBC