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Leighton Meester and her boyfriend Sebastian Stan may not be friendly on Gossip Girl, but in real life he feels fortunate to be in a relationship with the star.

“I’m a really lucky guy,” Stan, 25, told reporters at the premiere of Taking Woodstock in New York City on Wednesday. “She’s the most interesting, sophisticated, talented and an extremely funny person that I know. She’s really hilarious.”

Though Stan gives his costar Ed Westwick the evil eye when his character Chuck Bass gets to make out with Meester’s Blair Waldorf, it’s all in jest — and he says everyone on set is professional when it comes to romantic scenes.

“It’s work and everyone shares the same mentality when it comes to that. But we all laugh about it,” he says. “The good part is I get to go home with her.”

Besides, Stan gets his own kissing scenes with Blake Lively in the upcoming third season, which returns Sept. 14 (and will feature Tyra Banks in an episode). In preparation, the actor skips the breath mints and goes for an unconventional route of eating fruit before he puckers up.

“I try to stick to apples and pears that get stuck in my teeth to get it more interesting,” he said.

Stan says that when his character Carter Baizen’s background is revealed, it will stir up some trouble among the Upper East Siders — and especially Lively’s Serena van der Woodsen.

“They are revealing his history and where he comes from,” says Stan. “His whole background involves Serena’s character and it’s different from the other relationships on the show.” –Paul ChiNational Photo Group