"Baby True made it all worth it," Khloé Kardashian said about daughter True

By Natalie Stone
April 10, 2019 08:00 AM

One year ago, Khloé Kardashian‘s world was turned upside down.

Just days before the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star gave birth to daughter True Thompson on April 12, her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson was videotaped getting close to an unidentified woman in a New York City Lounge.

At the time, TMZ also posted footage recorded in October 2017 allegedly depicting Thompson, 28, kissing one woman while a different woman groped him at the Darna hookah lounge outside of Washington D.C.

A source claimed that “Tristan has been consistently cheating on Khloé,” and added, “He’s a serial cheater. And there will be more women to come out of the woodwork.” (He never commented on the allegations.)

“First [ex-husband Lamar Odom] cheated on her and now Tristan,” the insider said. “She’s been through so much.”

The Kardashian-Jenner family was crushed for the new mom. “They are heartbroken for Khloé. They didn’t realize how deceptive Tristan could really be,” said the source.

A source close to the family told PEOPLE that she was simply focused “on the positives.”

“As far as she knew, there were no negatives,” the insider said. “Once she made the decision to commit, she was all in and trusting.”

Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson and daughter True
| Credit: Tristan Thompson/Instagram

The friend of the family said the reality star “was beyond head over heels” with Thompson. “He was her everything. They had a life together. She honestly thought he treated her like gold, like a queen,” the source said. “[He] gave her everything, doted on her, told her how beautiful she was. To her, life was perfect. And it all just came crashing down.”

Before True’s birth, Khloé had been been nesting in Cleveland, Ohio — where Thompson plays for the Cavaliers — with the NBA player as they awaited the arrival of their daughter.

After the cheating allegations came to light, momager Kris Jenner and big sister Kim Kardashian West flew from Los Angeles to Cleveland to be by Khloé’s side for the birth of her baby girl, a source confirmed to PEOPLE.

“Kris is in Cleveland now giving Khloé as much support as possible and Kim is also heading there as well,” one insider said. “They’re trying to keep her emotionally stable. The whole family is beyond pissed at Tristan. The goal is to get Khloé out of there as fast as they can without jeopardizing the safety of the baby after she’s arrived. Khloé just wants to be home.”

And Khloé allowed Thompson to be in the delivery room for the birth.

“Khloé labored with [mom Kris Jenner] yesterday at the hospital. Tristan was there for the birth,” a KUWTK source told PEOPLE on April 12, 2018. “He has practice today, but will spend as much time at the hospital as possible.”

“Everyone is focused on what’s best for their baby girl,” the insider added. “Khloé is being the bigger person and letting Tristan bond with their baby.”

Credit: SPW/SplashNews.com

Khloé appeared to be quick to forgive Thompson.

“She’s so incredibly happy that her baby is here, that she is big and strong and healthy and beautiful, and so right now Khloé truly has no other cares in the world. She isn’t even mad at Tristan right now,” a source said after True’s birth.

“She’s basically already forgiven him,” the source added. “She is in a bubble of love and peace and happiness right now, and everything that happened with Tristan is less about ‘cheating’ and more like, it was just a random drunken hookup that meant nothing and was kissing at most and didn’t lead to anything else and was the fault of stupid groupies trying to trap him, and everybody just needs to move on.”

And an insider said the mom would likely stay with Thompson.

“She’s a hopeless romantic and she’ll try to make this work. She tried forever to make it work with Lamar Odom. She’s having a child with Tristan, and she’s going to try to rebuild this,” a source said.

Weeks after True’s birth, a source told PEOPLE that despite her initial plan to fly to Los Angeles as soon as possible, Khloé was staying put at Thompson’s home in Cleveland “indefinitely.”

As far as rekindling her romance with the basketball player or breaking things off, though, the source said Khloé was “delaying that conversation until she’s ready.”

Another source recently told PEOPLE the new mom wasn’t “ready to give up on her relationship with Tristan.”

“She’s still very torn,” said the insider. “She doesn’t want to make a decision right now.”

According to the source, Thompson “wants them to be together.”

“It seems he’s willing to get help,” said the source. “He admits his behavior is completely wrong.”

Khloé was focused on raising her baby girl and keeping her family intact.

Come summertime, Khloé, True and Thompson spent extended time in Los Angeles with her famous family.

While Khloé ntended to move back to Cleveland with True to be with Thompson when his basketball season started, the relocation was put on hold as she dealt with the aftermath of the scandal.

And exactly six months after True was born, and half a year since the public learned that Thompson had allegedly been unfaithful, she hinted that she and Thompson’s relationship could be nearing its end.

“In 6 months time you can either be in the same place or a better place,” she shared in a first text post on her Instagram Story in October. “Focus everyday on improving your Health, Wealth, and Happiness. It will take time but you can make it happen.”

Khloé shared in a second post, “You become a master of your life when you learn how to control where your attention goes. Value what you give your energy and time to.”

Weeks later, the couple put on a united front as they spent True’s first Halloween together as a family.

Credit: Tristan Thompson/Instagram

But in early November, Khloé further opened up about how “uncomfortable” it was for her to relive the memories from the moment she first found out about Thompson’s scandal, especially on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“Tonight’s episode is an uncomfortable and super emotional one for me, but when we signed up for this show over a decade ago, we signed up for a reality show, which meant showing you guys inside our lives, the good, the bad and the ugly,” wrote Khloé on Instagram alongside a clip from the show.

“To relive these moments all over again is incredibly difficult emotionally but I also hope that with every trail [sic], tribulation and curve ball life throws at us, that we ALL get to learn from our journeys,” she continued.

In a sweet note, she added that their daughter True has been “the ultimate gift.”

“Amidst the tough times, I have been blessed with the ultimate gift, my angel who has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined,” she wrote. “Remember that you are never alone in your pain, and that everything is temporary. Pain, joy, elation, panic, anxiety, it is all temporary. Be grateful for the experiences that continue to build character, and make you who you are.”

Still, it was important for Khloé to prioritize family and forgiveness above her feelings, choosing to spend Thanksgiving with True and Thompson in Cleveland at the end of November.

Credit: Tristan Thompson/Instagram

“Khloé is taking True to Cleveland for Thanksgiving,” a source told PEOPLE. “Tristan has a game and can’t make it to L.A. It’s True’s first Thanksgiving, so Khloé wants them to be together.”

Although Khloé and Thompson appeared to not have spent Christmas together due to his traveling basketball schedule, the pair did celebrate New Year’s Eve together — and even rang in 2019 with a kiss.

But more than a month later, Khloe’s world was rocked for a second time, when news broke that Thompson had been inappropriate with Kylie Jenner‘s best friend Jordyn Woods.

During an episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk, Woods, 21, admitted to having kissed Thompson, but adamantly denied having sex with him at a house party.

“It was like a kiss on the lips, but no tongue kiss, no making out,” she said. “Nothing. But I don’t think that he’s wrong either, because I allowed myself to be in that position. And when alcohol’s involved, people make dumb moves or people get caught up in the moment.”

While Woods admitted that she “shouldn’t even have been there,” she insisted to Pinkett Smith, 47, that she is “no homewrecker.”

“I know I’m not the reason Tristan and Khloé aren’t together,” Woods said.

As the interview aired, Khloé slammed the model on Twitter and accused her of lying.

Why are you lying @jordynwoods ?? If you’re going to try and save yourself by going public, INSTEAD OF CALLING ME PRIVATELY TO APOLOGIZE FIRST, at least be HONEST about your story. BTW, You ARE the reason my family broke up!” Khloe wrote.

The reality star quickly followed up with a second tweet, calling out the NBA player for his role in the scandal.

Tristan is equally to blame but Tristan is the father of my child,” she tweeted. “Regardless of what he does to me I won’t do that to my daughter. He has been addressing this situation PRIVATELY. If Tristan were to lie publicly about what conspired,then yes I would address him publicly as well.”

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty; Cassidy Sparrow/Getty; Emma McIntyre/Getty

One day later, despite her initial harsh criticism of Woods, Khloé had a change of heart and placed the blame fully on Thompson.

“This has been an awful week & I know everyone is sick of hearing about it all (as am I). I’m a rollercoaster of emotions & have said things I shouldn’t have,” she wrote on Twitter. “Honestly, Tristan cheating on me & humiliating me, wasn’t such a shock as the first time.”

“What’s been harder & more painful is being hurt by someone so close to me. Someone whom I love & treat like a little sister. But Jordyn is not to be blamed for the breakup of my family. This was Tristan’s fault,” she added in a follow-up tweet about Woods.

The mother of one went on to share that she wants to focus on her “blessings,” which include True. “I have to move on with my life & count my blessings, my family, my health, & my beautiful baby True,” she wrote.

Throughout the difficult past year, Khloé has prioritized both raising her daughter, who turns 1 on Friday, and her family above any drama that comes and goes.

In mid-March, Khloé tweeted that “Baby True made it all worth it” after a fan wished her well. “Thank you for your beautiful message,” she responded.

Two weeks after the scandal with Woods, Khloé praised Thompson as a father.

Responding to a fan who tweeted that all True “needs is her mom,” Khloé called Thompson a “good dad.

“Thank you love! You’re so very sweet,” she wrote. “But he is a good dad to her. My sweet and special baby True will NEVER be put in the middle of him and I. I can promise that.”