Fans took to Twitter to vent frustration, sadness and everything in between

By Alex Heigl and Cara Shultz
Updated April 01, 2014 07:30 AM
Credit: Ron P. Jaffe/Fox

Fans of CBS’s long-running How I Met Your Mother had a rough night Monday, as their beloved story came to an end. [Insert obligatory legend – wait for it – ary reference here]

Then they immediately took to Twitter to vent. (Good luck to anyone attempting to avoid spoilers: The show is currently trending high on Google, Facebook and Twitter.)

While emotions ran the gamut from dissatisfaction to bittersweet nostalgia to all-out rage, there was emphatically no middle ground. Tuesday morning, if you didn’t have a strong opinion on the HIMYM finale, you were out in the cold.

So if you’re still having problems making up your mind as to the finale, why not take a moment and peruse what the hive-mind of Twitter had to say? Or, if you’re more of an active participant, you can always join the fray using #HIMYM or #HIMYMfinale.

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