The new video puts the focus where fans wanted it to be all along – on the Mother

By Nate Jones
Updated April 03, 2014 11:00 AM
Ron P. Jaffe/Fox

Monday night’s finale of How I Met Your Mother was arguably the most disastrously received series ender since Lost. Its missteps were legion (spoiler alert) – killing off the Mother, throwing away the Barney-Robin relationship – but most complaints boiled down to the same source: Creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas were too in love with the road map they’d created years ago, to the detriment of the finale’s emotional thrust.

Now one helpful fan has come along to undo all that bad work. Using a few simple edits, YouTube user Ricardo J. Dylan has given viewers the finish they wanted all along, one that preserves the series’ romantic soul while jettisoning some of the finale’s other distractions.

The video’s been pulled from YouTube, but luckily, Dylan put the whole thing on Vimeo. Watch it above.

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