Everything We Know About 'How I Met Your Mother' 's Spinoff Series 'How I Met Your Father'

The cast, where to watch, and more details about the spinoff series starring Hilary Duff

How I met your father
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A How I Met Your Mother spinoff series? Challenge accepted.

Nearly eight years since the beloved CBS comedy starring Josh Radnor wrapped its ninth season in 2014, fans finally got the spinoff series they've been waiting for.

The show, titled How I Met Your Father, gender flips the plot of the original series as a woman named Sophie (played by Hilary Duff in the 2022 timeline and Kim Cattrall in the future) tells her son about how she met — wait for it — his dad.

According to a release, the series is described as "a story that catapults us back to the year 2022, where Sophie and her close-knit group of friends are in the midst of figuring out who they are, what they want out of life, and how to fall in love in the age of dating apps and limitless options."

How i met your father
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The long-running CBS hit, How I Met Your Mother, chronicles the eventful happenings of Ted Mosby (played by Radnor) and his journey to find love as a single man. The show is told through a series of flashbacks as Mosby tells the stories (narrated by Bob Saget) to his children 25 years later.

Duff revealed that the spinoff connects to the original series, telling SiriusXM, "It does tie in, and hopefully we'll have some fun guest appearances from the original cast."

"As a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother, I'm honored and even a little nervous that Carter [Bays] and Craig [Thomas] would trust me with the sequel of their baby," Duff said in a statement.


A spinoff of the comedy has been in talks for years since its wrap in 2014, but various attempts fell through. Carter and Bays, along with Emily Spivey, wrote a pilot for CBS that same year, but it wasn't picked up by the network.

Fast forward to the present day, This Is Us showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger's script has been picked up by Hulu and will finally satisfy How I Met Your Mother fans' craving for more.

hilary duff
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Between cast details and where to watch, here's everything we know about the highly-anticipated spinoff series, How I Met Your Father.

Who's in the How I Met Your Father cast?

How I Met Your Father Set
Clockwise from upper left: Brandon Micheal Hall, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, Suraj Sharma, Chris Lowell, Hilary Duff, Francia Raisa. Hilary Duff/instagram

In addition to starring as Sophie on the series, Duff also serves as a producer. The rest of the cast includes Chris Lowell (Veronica Mars), Francia Raisa (Grown-ish), Tom Ainsley (The Royals), Tien Tran (Space Force), and Suraj Sharma (God Friended Me). Former Drake & Josh star Josh Peck also has a recurring role as a vice principal named Drew.

Lowell plays Jesse, an aspiring musician who doubles as an Uber driver and lives with his best friend Tom. Sound familiar? They're definitely giving us Ted and Marshall vibes.

Raisa plays Valentina, Sophie's best friend and roommate. She's an aspiring stylist who just returned from London Fashion Week with a handsome man named Charlie.

how i met your father
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Ainsley plays Charlie, a British model who travels to New York to be with Valentina.

Tran plays Jesse's adopted sister who split from her wife and moves to New York.

Shan plays the optimistic Sid, Jesse's roommate, best friend, and bar owner.

Who narrates How I Met Your Father?

kim cattrall
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Golden Globe winner Kim Cattrall lends her voice to narrate Sophie's older self in How I Met Your Father. Her role is almost equivalent to the duty Bob Saget held in How I Met Your Mother, when he narrated Josh Radnor's Ted Mosby in the original series.

"When @kimcattrall said yes I screamed. Now can we please get a better pic than this one I dug up from the deep web 😂 @himyfonhulu," Duff wrote on Instagram, along with an old photo of her and Cattrall at an event.

How I Met Your Father isn't the only spinoff series that approached Cattrall, but it's the only one that she said yes to. The actress, formerly known for playing Samantha Jones in Sex and the City, opted not to reprise her role in the HBO Max spinoff And Just Like That...

Are the creators of How I Met Your Mother involved in How I Met Your Father?

Monty Brinton/CBS

How I Met Your Mother creators, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, serve as executive producers for How I Met Your Father. The pilot episode is also helmed by HIMYM director Pam Fryman, who directed 196 out of 208 episodes of the original show. The spinoff series is written by Aptaker and Berger.

"Kids, I'm going to tell you an incredible story: It's the story of how two writers got lucky enough to make their dream TV show for nine seasons and now get to pass the torch to an inspired new creative team with their own incredible story to tell, the story of How I Met Your Father," Thomas and Bays wrote in a statement.

When did production start for How I Met Your Father?

The news that How I Met Your Mother would be getting a spinoff broke in April 2021. Filming for How I Met Your Father began a few months later on Sept. 1, according to the show's official Instagram. Cast member Tran, who plays Ellen on the show, posted that production for season 1 wrapped on Nov. 22.

Where can you watch How I Met Your Father?

Season 1 of How I Met Your Father delivers 10 episodes, each about 30 minutes long. The series premiered on Jan. 18, 2022, on Hulu.

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