Matthew Brooks for Town & Country
September 06, 2017 08:00 AM

Claire Foy‘s turn as a young Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown earned her widespread acclaim and a Golden Globe. One critic she hopes never sees the Netflix series? The iconic monarch she plays.

“I would hate the idea of her watching it,” Foy says in Town & Country’s October cover story.  “When you’re playing a real person, you never want to be ghoulish. I don’t want to pick apart a person. I want to invent someone. So I would hate for her to watch it and think I overdramatized anything.”

Matthew Brooks for Town & Country

Of course, it’s quite possible the expectant great-grandmother has streamed the series: an anonymous source told Britain’s Daily Express that the queen “really liked” season 1, and Princess Eugenie has gone on record as a fan.

And about that Golden Globe: Foy, 33, tells Town & Country she felt a bit overwhelmed by the ceremony.

“The Golden Globes were really weird—absolutely amazing, but strange, because suddenly, without me knowing, while I’ve been busy working, people felt like I belonged in that room,” she explains. “And I’d be like, ‘No, you don’t understand. I haven’t changed, it’s still just me.’ There was definitely a moment after the awards where I needed to be alone in a dark room to try to understand what’s happening. I never got that moment. I got a martini and cracked on.”

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She’s also coming to grips with the fact that another, older actress will assume her role after season 2, which drops on Netflix on Dec. 8.

“I’m in massive denial,” she says. “I don’t feel like it’s over. I’m waiting for it to hit me at some point that this stage of my life is finished, but it hasn’t happened yet.”

Town & Country’s October 2017 issue hits stands Sept. 12.

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