Bill and Giuliana Rancic are stronger than ever

By Jamie Spain
April 20, 2018 04:44 PM
Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty

Bill and Giuliana Rancic are stronger than ever.

The pair spoke to PEOPLE at an event Thursday night where Bill worked with Hyatt House and Hyatt Place to honor three business travelers and release the findings of their recent Business Traveler Survey.

The couple dished on their top travel tips – Bill sticks to always bringing carry-on luggage instead of checking a bag while Giuliana confesses that she brings eyeshades and an oversized hoodie to catch some sleep on the plane – and what it is like to be constantly traveling while married. (They’re also parents to 5-year-old son Duke.)

“We do a fair amount of business/pleasure trips. We usually try to find something fun for [Duke]. Giuliana went to HSN last week for her clothing line and we went to Disney,” Bill told PEOPLE. He added how lucky they are to work and travel together so much — and when that’s not possible, they have one important rule for staying strong when they are apart.

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“When we are not together, we talk a lot. Communication is the biggest key,” Giuliana said. “It eases your mind; you don’t worry as much if you are constantly communicating, so I always know he is safe. Just always staying in touch.”

“It’s good to give the number in your hotel just so people can get in touch if there is an emergency. We also FaceTime a lot, so we are always really communicating,” she added. “Even when we are working and we are away, I’ll FaceTime him with Duke and vice-versa.”

Occasionally being long-distance is nothing new for the couple, though.

“We lived in two different cities when we met, we have been traveling since then. That was 12 years ago ,so we have made it work.” Giuliana said.

And as for those rumors that their relationship was on the rocks when Giuliana didn’t wear her engagement and wedding rings on the Oscars red carpet, the E! host reassured, “Anyone who knows us knows that we are such a solid couple and so in love. For us, we know the truth, and as long as our friends and family know the truth, it’s okay.”