Photo: Fox; Art Streiber/FOX
October 31, 2007 12:00 AM

It seems that being on FOX has really rubbed off on the writers of House, so much so that the infamously irascible Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) is now fashioning himself after the just as irritable American Idol judge Simon Cowell. This week, after telling one doc that “No one is keeping score … You’re losing,” House told his whole team of medical hopefuls that they all “sucked” as they vied to make it to another round for a full-time job with the good doctor, and in another Idol move, he gave everyone a surprise reprieve this week — so no one was cut!

Still, that doesn’t mean that someone didn’t deserve to go after failing to treat this week’s patient, known as Mirror Man. The doctors House refers to only as “13” and “Big Love” (why even learn names until the final round?) took 14 hours to find a car, Kutner (Kal Penn) failed to mention that the amnesiac had memories and “Grumpy” let himself be manipulated. The other two? Well, they must have done something wrong.

So, who should’ve been eliminated from last night’s competition?–Caryn Midler

Photo: Fox; Art Streiber/FOX

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