Meet the Ho Family in New Trailer for HBO Max Reality Series 'Inspired by Crazy Rich Asians'

House of Ho premieres Dec. 10 on HBO Max

There’s a new crazy rich family in reality TV: the Hos.

The everyday lives of the members of the wealthy Vietnamese-American family will be documented in HBO Max’s upcoming series, House of Ho, premiering Dec. 10. Parents and immigrants Binh and Hue Ho have built a multimillion-dollar empire in Houston, Texas — and the pressure is on for their adult children, Washington and Judy.

“Inspired by Crazy Rich Asians, House of Ho documents the lives of the very wealthy, multi-generational Asian American Ho family living in Texas,” the description from the streaming service reads, referencing the popular 2018 movie based on the novel by Kevin Kwan.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive first look at the series' trailer, the Hos’ lavish lifestyle — private jets, designer clothes and immaculately decorated homes — is on full display.

House of Ho

“What do you think of the decor, Lesley?” Judy asks Washington’s wife in the footage as they set up for an event.

“Less is more,” Lesley replies — not the correct answer.

“You're definitely not a Ho,” Judy says. “More is more.”

“My family is Vietnamese, but loves being American,” Judy then explains in a voiceover. “My brothers are named Washington and Reagan. I was a disappointment ’cause I was a girl, so I'm named Judy.”

She continues of her family’s story, “My parents are refugees. They came over here in 1975; most Vietnamese families settled in Houston because of the tropical weather.”

House of Ho

It's soon clear that Washington and Judy are struggling to appease their parents while handling the stressors of their own personal lives, namely Judy’s divorce and Washington’s seemingly rocky relationship with Lesley.

“My dad’s retirement is coming up, I'm taking over,” Washington says, before the clip cuts over to his dad sharing, “My son needs to show me he is ready.”

Judy, struggling to get her parents to understand her divorce, describes her family as “old school Vietnamese.”

“I’ve done everything you have asked of me my whole life. I know that you prefer I stay married, but I'm not asking for your approval anymore,” she tells them.

“You told me to support that? No, I won’t,” dad Binh says.

“Everything looks good from the outside, but the inside is just so hard,” Judy later tearfully says.

House of Ho
House of Ho

As for Washington and Lesley, their marriage appears to be struggling.

“Being Washington’s wife isn’t easy,” Lesley says. “I'm the one that has to make him accountable for his actions. His mom used to, but because I married him it's my role.”

Washington soon reveals that before he married Lesley, his mom told him, “If you marry Lesley, you don’t owe me and dad nothing for the rest of your life,” hinting that his marriage wasn’t fully for love.

“But I’ve grown to love her over time,” he adds.

“When it's good between us, it's good. But when it's bad, it’s bad,” Lesley tells him during a one-on-one conversation. “You're my first wife, I hope you are my only wife,” he replies.

House of Ho premieres Dec. 10 on HBO Max.

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