The star showed up in character for the big debut

Updated March 04, 2016 08:50 AM
Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

The wait is over!

House of Cards season 4 began streaming Friday – and the season starts with a bang (and one very bleak prison scene).

Below are the most shocking moments from the premiere.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Lucas Goodwin is back … and his life is (predictably) awful.

We haven’t seen poor Lucas Goodwin (Sebastian Arcelus) since season 2, when he was put in prison for cyber crimes after he got on the bad side of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) by trying to prove the then-Vice President murdered Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara).

We learn he is trying to get on his scary prison roommate’s good side by talking dirty to him. After the roommate pleasures himself, he remarks, “Damn you’re good with words. (Lucas is a former writer, after all.) Lucas’ work pays off, and he gets his cellmate to implicate a big crime boss in a murder – and as a reward Lucas gets out under witness protection. Will he continue his work to take down Frank?

Frank has the worst dream ever.

In one of the most disturbing scenes in the series so far, President Underwood has a violent dream about fighting his estranged wife Claire (Robin Wright), using pieces of a broken mirror. It ends with Claire gouging out the president’s eyes. Apparently Frank has not taken kindly to Claire threatening his political career and it’s literally giving him nightmares.

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Claire wants to be a congresswoman.

Last season ended with Claire revealing to Frank that she no longer wanted her ambition to be second to his. Season 4 picks up with her in Texas, quietly exploring a run for Congress. It’s here we meet high-powered political consultant Leann Harvey (Neve Campbell) can help her.

Frank has a snake in his inner circle!

Frank’s overworked and under appreciated press secretary Seth (Derek Cecil) is approached by a member of Heather Dunbar’s (Elizabeth Marvel) campaign, offering him a place in her future administration (and eventually the chief of staff position) if he divulges why Claire is actually in Texas. He does, and the press has a field day with the news that all is not good with the First Family’s marriage. But in true Frank fashion, he figures out a way out of this pickle.

Claire’s mother has cancer … and that’s great news for Frank.

Frank learns that Claire’s mother Elizabeth (Ellen Burstyn) has cancer, and he takes advantage of the sad news as only Frank could – by claiming Claire’s trip to Texas was to be with her ailing mother. It makes for great press, and helps get rid of those nasty (but true) rumors of marital discord.

What were your favorite moments from season opener? Were you bummed Frank didn’t monologue to the camera? Have you already binged the whole season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

House of Cards season 4 is now streaming on Netflix