Read our wishful predictions for the Netflix drama's next season

By Michele Corriston
Updated March 04, 2015 02:35 PM
Credit: Netflix

Hardcore House of Cards fans who spent the last weekend of February bingeing on all 13 episodes were immediately hungry for the next chapter in Netflix’s drama.

Luckily, as the streaming service announced Thursday, season 4 will air sometime in 2016.

Season 3 saw Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) as president, but the Oval Office seemed to sap the power he had wielded so ruthlessly for two seasons. Both parties hated him. Congress sought to block the crown jewel of his tenure, America Works, a program that broke the first rule of politics: leave Social Security alone.

Claire (Robin Wright), clawed her way into an ambassadorship only to fumble her plan for peace in the Middle East. Russian president Victor Petrov (Lars Mikkelsen, channeling Vladimir Putin perfectly) proved Frank may have finally met his match. In the end, Frank miraculously won the Iowa caucus in his bid for his first elected term, but key disciples Remy Danton (Mahershala Ali) and Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker) defected, and Claire walked out on their marriage.

Honestly, season 3 was kind of a wash for us. There were no true shockers like Frank pushing Zoe (Kate Mara) off the subway platform or that oddly steamy Meechum threesome. Frank’s biggest plays were utter failures. And by the time Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) buried Rachel (Rachel Brosnahan) in the dirt, all we felt was relief.

So how can House of Cards build itself back up? Add more suds, tie up loose ends and actually knock Frank down from the throne. Here are five things we want to see in season 4:

1. Impeach Underwood

Let’s assume Frank wins the election, despite both parties hating his guts. Congress could arguably impeach him for abusing his executive powers in a. reappropriating FEMA funds for America Works and b. going around the Senate to appoint Claire as ambassador when she was obviously unqualified. The threat of his legacy being forever tarnished would give the show a much-needed jolt.

2. Journalists, Unite

Who better to unearth all his dirty little secrets than the Fourth Estate? The president of the United States has straight-up killed people. Poor Lucas (Sebastian Arcelus) is in the slammer, but we’d love to see him team up with would-be-biographer Thomas Yates (Paul Sparks) and the Wall Street Telegraph‘s Ayla Sayyad (Mozhan Marné) and Kate Baldwin (Kim Dickens) from behind bars. It’s like the Avengers, but armed with the power of the pen.

3. Reopen Freddy’s BBQ Joint

Freddy’s (Reg E. Cathey) season 2 downfall may just be the saddest plot point to date. We vote that Frank coughs up the coin to finance an upscale, Zagat-rated barbecue restaurant in trendy Logan Circle. With, like, farm-to-table beef and truffle oil mac and cheese.

4. Give Claire Her Groove Back

Though her publicly denouncing Russia’s anti-gay laws was a moral victory, it was political suicide, and Claire’s rare burst of emotion ultimately led to Frank having to fire her as ambassador. We miss her cool, steely strength – and her husband’s going to need that killer charisma in the general election.

5. Wean Doug off His Prostitute Problem

Oh, Stamper. We’re happy physical therapy and AA have gone so well for you, but start healing that sad, twisted soul, man. With Rachel gone and Doug back where he belongs as Frank’s right-hand man, it’s be nice for him to cool it on the prostitutes, deal with his mommy/religion issues and go back to kicking political butt. Dig up secrets, not graves.

House of Cards season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.