'House: A Patch Adams' Softie?

Photo: Photo: Joe Viles/FOX; Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

What would Gregory House be like if he was a normally functioning human being? Well, we found out last night, albeit in a roundabout way. Mirroring this season’s reality show-themed fellowship contest, a documentary film crew finds its way into Princeton-Plainsboro under the guise of following a genetically deformed teen on his quest for facial reconstructive surgery. What the film crew captures at the end of the episode, through the magic of editing, is a reel that makes Gregory House (much to his chagrin) look like a compassionate, warm and likable guy, inspired to become a doctor by the movie Patch Adams! Meanwhile, on the romantic front: Dr. Terzi (Michael Michele), the stunning former CIA doc that House hired last week, is not so good at her job and, in a shocking twist, is kicked out of the program. No reason to fear for Dr. House’s love life, however! It seems Dr. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) still carries a torch for House.

So House watchers, do you think this is the last of Dr. Terzi? And will Cameron ever admit she still has a thing for House? And which House, Mr. Warm and Fuzzy or Dr. Sharp and Sarcastic, would you want to treat you? –Caryn MidlerPhoto: Joe Viles/FOX; Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

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