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Move over, Peter Quinn, there’s a new man in Carrie Mathison’s life.

Homeland fans met Alexander Fehling, who plays Carrie’s (Claire Danes) new beau Jonas Happich, on the hit Showtime drama’s fifth season premiere, and he’s been setting hearts a-flutter ever since – all while having a great time.

“It’s extraordinary fun,” Fehling, 34, tells PEOPLE about joining the show and working opposite Danes.

The German-born actor, who first hit it big as a Staff Sgt. Wilhelm in Quentin Tarantino‘s 2009 film Inglorious Bastards, can only sing his costar’s praises. “She’s very sharp, she’s very surprising, and she’s very soulful,” he says. “She’s a very unique actress.”

When we caught up with Carrie in the fifth season, two years had passed since the events of the fourth season finale. She quit the CIA, moved to Berlin with her daughter and had moved in with Jonas. Both of them work for a wealthy German philanthropist; Carrie handles his security and Jonas is the philanthropist’s lawyer.

The on-screen couple leads a surprisingly “normal life,” Fehling says … “at least, in the beginning.”

Born in East Berlin, Fehling began acting around age 11 or 12 in theater groups. When he was older, he attended the city’s Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Fehling, of course, is a fan of Homeland, though he admits he had to stop watching after a he booked a part on the show.

“When you’re working on a show as an actor you have to step into it,” he says. “You don’t want to see it from the outside. You want to see it from the inside. Now, it’s just very delightful working with sharp, intelligent people that are at the top of their game.”

For its fifth season, the Emmy Award-winning espionage series conveniently shot on location in Fehling’s hometown, and he tells PEOPLE the days when the series shot 10 minutes from his house were “the best!”

Now, despite fans’ reaction to his dashing good looks, Fehling isn’t feeling quite like a heartthrob just yet – though he wouldn’t mind the added attention. “I’m still having my normal life in Berlin and going to work,” he says with a laugh. “That may change.”

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