"It feels like it's the end," said Claire Danes


Homeland will eventually come to an end, but will it really wrap with season 8?

The show’s star Claire Danes sat down with the Today show on Wednesday, when she discussed the possibility of the Showtime series going off the air soon.

Homeland season 8 still ahead of you. Just wrapped a big season 7. A lot of work to be done still on season 8. A lot of people are wondering if it’s going to be the last season of Homeland. Do you have any news on that?” Today‘s Willie Geist asked Danes, who plays Carrie Mathison.

Although Danes, who is expecting her second child with husband Hugh Dancy, is the face of the drama, she’s herself curious about that.

“I’m wondering too, actually,” said Danes, 39. “There is no conclusive word about that. It feels like it, it looks like it, but yeah, there’s still kind of an ellipsis. So we shall see,” she said with a smile.

“It feels like it’s the end,” said Danes.

While the cast usually films in late summer or early fall, they will return in January for filming, according to Danes.

“This is a little bit in the way,” she said, referencing her baby bump. “Life is interfering.”

WATCH: Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy Expecting Second Child

Danes dropped the surprise news that she is expecting her second child on an April episode of The Howard Stern Show.

During a visit to The Tonight Show later that same day, Danes revealed she even kept the cast and crew of her hit Showtime series in the dark during the early days of her pregnancy. But being secretive wasn’t always easy.

“I was filming during the first trimester which is kind of my least favorite phase because you just feel horrible,” Danes told Jimmy Fallon. “You feel just rotten and you’re not allowed to say why.”

Exhaustion was the biggest problem Danes had to combat while the cameras were rolling. “I was filming quite a lot but just inadvertently falling asleep all the time. And it was embarrassing,” she admitted.

One particular nap still has Danes feeling regret. “I face-planted onto this crocheted bag in between takes,” she recalled. “It was time for my close up … and I sit up and I have this crocheted indentation on the side of my face. It looked like I had third-degree burns.”

“It was intense!” she continued. “And they were massaging my face. They had to take out the blow dryer. I halted production for a good half an hour. I just felt like an idiot. I was like, ‘No, I wasn’t up on a coke binge all night.’ Your body’s going through a lot!”

Danes is past that point now, of course. “I’m feeling good,” she raved. “I’m in the cruisy second-trimester period.”