The Down the Rabbit Hole author says of her controlling ex: "I think he should really be more secure in himself"


A fight has been raging between two former Playboy bunnies in recent weeks, but the weapons of choice have been words, not pillows.

After Girls Next Door costars Kendra Wilkinson and Hugh Hefner fiercely shot down claims made by Holly Madison in a juicy tell-all, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny, about her time in the Playboy Mansion, the one-time Holly’s World star, 35, has come out swinging on PEOPLE Now.

In response to her 89-year-old ex-boyfriend Hefner, Madison said, “I’m definitely not rewriting history. Everything in the book is 100 percent true. I just think it’s not the version of the story he would like to tell.” She added, “When he was approving everything that went into the TV show, it was always very happy and fun. He wanted things seen a certain way.”

Madison also fired shots at Wilkinson, who jumped to Hefner’s defense, claiming that Madison “acted like a First Lady” at the Mansion and “had this ulterior motive every minute.”

“I actually do take it as a compliment,” says Madison regarding the Kendra on Top star’s First Lady zing.

She continues, “When I was at the Mansion, I got in way over my head. I thought entering into a part of his world was going to be this light, fun thing I did in my 20s. … [But] I was uncomfortable with the decision I made and with the way people judged me. They still judge me now for that same situation.”

Wilkinson, 30, also told PEOPLE Now that “we’re witnessing some revenge here” that stems from Madison’s failed plans to have Hefner’s children, marry the Playboy magnate and secure a spot in his will.

But Madison is having none of that. “It’s definitely not revenge,” says Madison. “If I was bitter about not having been married and wanted revenge, I would have done it a long time ago.” She then reported that Hefner did indeed include her in his will – “and I left anyway because the relationship just wan’t what I wanted it to be.”

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Madison also had plenty to say about about the sordid activities she claims went on behind closed doors, including group sex, drug use and alcohol abuse.

“When I first moved in, there were six other girls, and it just seemed like everybody wanted to get all that kind of thing over with very quickly and didn’t really seem into it,” she tells PEOPLE Now.

She also shared that Hefner would pit his girlfriends against one another – especially his No. 1 girlfriend against his youngest companion, which she and Wilkinson respectively were. Though Madison initially didn’t believe that to be the case (“how could he be so petty?”), she says she “learned the hard way” what dynamics were at play in the Mansion and that, “after a while, it was kind of a breaking point.”

Of Hefner, she says, “I think he should really be more secure in himself.”

Madison certainly is: “I’m very proud of sharing my story,” she says, adding that she even plans to share it with her 2-year-old daughter Rainbow one day.